Friday, September 23, 2011

New Paradigm for Israel

By Chuck Morse – the author of The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism, published by WND Books.

It should be obvious to anyone familiar with the venomous UN speech just delivered by Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas, calling for Palestinian statehood, that the so-called two state solution is dead. The idea of two states was first proposed to a delegation of PLO terrorists visiting North Vietnam in 1973 according to recently de-classified Soviet era documents. Abu Iyad, a member of that delegation visiting Hanoi, wrote in his memoir "Palestinian without a Motherland," that the North Vietnamese suggested that the PLO "stop talking about annihilating Israel and instead turn your terror war into a struggle for human rights…Then you will have the American people eating out of your hand."

The North Vietnamese proposed two state tactic was meant to serve two purposes.  Firstly, the PLO would secure good public relations. The idea of dividing Israel into two states, one Jewish and one Islamic, would appeal to the na├»ve sensibilities of the international left, always susceptible to utopian sounding ideas and the use of the term “peace.” The North Vietnamese had, after all, been extremely successful with their own propaganda campaign which made a strong impression on the American student anti-war movement. While the communist north was committing aggression against South Vietnam, with their Soviet and Chinese supplied forces, they were able to successfully portray the South Vietnamese as the bad guys.

Secondly, steady and relentless pressure would be applied by the new friends of the PLO, the international left, for Israel to hand over the West Bank and Gaza to this new state. Once the beachhead was established on the West Bank and Gaza, the Palestinians would then be in a position to finish Israel off. The new approach was subsequently unveiled by Yasir Arafat who spoke at the UN with a gun strapped to his belt.

The Palestinians did not, however, wait for the attainment of the West Bank as they impatiently launched the second half of the plan from Gaza after receiving that beachfront property from Israel in 2004. The Palestinians proceeded to turn Gaza into a launching pad for over 6 thousand missiles fired into Israel. Control over the West Bank would no doubt put all of Israel, including the Ben Gurion Airport, within range of mortar fire.

By seeking recognition at the UN without negotiating with Israel, the Palestinians have effectively abrogated and nullified all treaties previously arrived at between them and Israel. Furthermore, and in complete violation of previous agreements, Abbas stated during his speech that the Palestinians would never recognize Israel as a Jewish State. At last the truth is out.

Therefore, all bets are off.

The time has come for Israel to pull off the proverbial Band-Aid. Since the Palestinians seek to “annex” the West Bank and Gaza, Israel should respond beforehand by formally annexing the territories. Once this is accomplished, Israel should then commence negotiations with the Palestinian Authority on matters pertaining to local and regional sovereignty based on the Swiss Canton model. The Palestinians would be well advised to accept such a generous offer, an offer that is certainly more generous than the one they planned for Israel. Indeed, this would be an  opportunity for the Palestinian people to live in a society that would offer them a greater level of democracy and economic prosperity than they would ever have hoped to achieve in either their own state or in any other of the over twenty sovereign an in some cases oil rich Arab states that already exist.

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