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Communist personality of Al Gore - 2000


By Charles A. Morse
web posted October 23, 2000

George W. Bush and Al GoreAl Gore is a congenital liar, this is clear to everyone at this point. Gore's performance in the first debate left no doubt in this regard and confirmed, in stark and ugly terms, what most Americans had suspected about Gore's personality and character. It is his style of lying, his demeanor, and his policies that are the hallmark of a communist personality.

To the leftist who, undoubtedly, perceives Gore as a fellow traveler, Gore doesn't lie because it's impossible for a leftist to lie. In fact, to the leftist, there can be no such thing as lies, since, conversely, there is no such thing as truth. Truth, to the leftist, is anything that propels his idea of "progress". Lies, to the leftist, are actions and utterances that impede this conception of "progress" which is any utterance by a non leftist, an "enemy of the people" to coin a leftist phrase. The leftist considers "progress" to be whatever contributes to concentrating power in his so called "enlightened" hands. Truth is relative to the leftist, the charge of dis-honesty is a weapon to be used strictly against enemies. Power and success is the end all and be all.

Gore doesn't believe that he lies because, based on his political faith, he's on the right side of history and simply can do no wrong. Gore exudes that supreme confidence that every leftist I've known or interviewed, without exception, exudes. He has that sense of rightness that he possesses some inner truth. He believes that this gives him a mandate to run the country and our individual lives. The source of legitimacy for this authoritarian personality is never identified and, of course, doesn't actually exist. This power is derived from faith and a building of the successes of leftist predecessors. That power is extracted out of every freedom loving citizen.

The personalities and mannerisms of certain archetypes can influence behavior for generations. For example, George Washington, in his public persona, influenced, to varying degrees, the behavior of every president since. The personality of Sigmund Freud has influenced the behavior of psychiatrists to this day. Actors John Wayne and James Dean influenced many of their respective generations of men in terms of mannerisms and dress. Elvis, The Beatles, the Stones and Bob Dylan influenced the sixties generation.

The left is influenced by the personalities of the communist big three, Marx, Lenin, and Stalin. These three were extremely arrogant, unbearably egotistical, fanatically loyal to their cause, which was personal power in the name of "the people", and ruthless toward anyone who dared to dis-agree. Those who stood in the way were utterly destroyed. They we're not interested in truth or reason, only power and by any means necessary. Every leftist today, without exception, embodies variations on these personality traits.

The real Gore was on display during the first debate with his snickering, chortling, rolling of eyes, interrupting, and the usual shrill and hysterical caterwauling answers. Gore believed the propaganda line put out by his cadres of experts which was that George W. Bush was stupid. This emboldened Gore which led to his letting his guard down. As a result, he slipped into a mode that displayed his true personality. This was corrected, to the degree possible, in the subsequent debates. From the left perspective, Gore made the mistake of believing propaganda meant for the rest of us and hypnotically repeated by the sympathetic media Stalin style, which was that Bush stupid. Bush turned out to be not so stupid after all.

This election offers the most defined choice between ideologies since the election of 1980 between Reagan and Carter. Gore believes in powerful, centralized government, Bush in subsidiarity, which is a devolution of responsibility to local government and the people. Gore is a pawn of the teachers union and the educational establishment that is deliberately dumbing down our children, Bush wants local control. Gore stands for the culture of death promulgated by Hollywood, the abortion lobby, and their left-wing fellow travelers, Bush stands for moral standards and family values. Gore is a socialist, Bush stands for free enterprise.

Chuck Morse is the author of Thunder out of Boston.

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