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Goerg Haider - Nationalist or National Socialist?


By Charles A. Morse
web posted February 21, 2000

Karl Marx launched the Communist Manifesto with the declaration "A spectre is haunting Europe - the spectre of communism." Twentieth century Europe witnessed the realization of Marx's specter with Hitler's National Socialism and Lenin and Stalin's International Socialism. The world would be wise to carefully scrutinize any sign of an emergence of these barbarous philosophies and shun any blossoming of this spectre. The blood of millions cries out to us to learn the lessons of these socialist experiments. Socialism, both Nazi and Communist, are both built on the same foundation of hate.

Let's at long last have an honest reckoning with the irrefutable fact that the difference between the two socialism's is strictly cosmetic. Both are totalitarian utopian systems that will deprive the individual of life, liberty and property while teaching that it's for the common good. Both set out to transform the human race and human nature by force and in the process, liquidate millions of people who stand in the way of their "progress." One version of socialism contends that certain races stand in the way, the other condemns social classes and refusal to conform to political correctness. Either way, millions of innocent people are murdered by the state, and millions more are condemned to lives of poverty and slavery.

While we must watch Joerg Haider and his Austrian Freedom Party and report on his every move, the verdict is still out in terms of whether he is a Nationalist or a National Socialist. He is on record for praising the Hitler regime's policy of full employment and large public works projects. This totalitarian policy would ordinarily warm the cockles of a left wing socialist's heart if this was referring to Stalin's identical programs or for that matter, Roosevelt's New Deal. Full employment is a tenet of the United Nations "Declaration of Human Rights" and is probably part of the European Union agenda. These day's governments and governing bodies generally lean toward the left variant of socialism. That particular variant predominates today at the European Union.

Haider has apologized for past comments praising Nazi Germany. While we should proceed with caution, he deserves the same benefit of the doubt as, for example, Vladimir Putin, Russia's acting President who was head of the KGB but now claims to be a Christian. Russia passed a law in 1998 banning most religions other than Russian Orthodox. They are presently involved in a bloody, genocidal repression in Chechnya. Should we be concerned over the possibility of a re emergence of Communism in Russia? Italian Prime Minister Massimo D'Alima, a former communist, is presently dealing with a scandal involving alleged KGB agents in his government yet no boycotts are planned or ambassadors recalled. Many "former" communists govern Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

Haider's Freedom Party has been referred to as xenophobic because of a strict anti immigration platform. Immigration is the prerogative of a nation state and should reflect the democratic will of the people of that state. Austria's economy has benefited from a free market, which is superior to its neighbors to the south and east. Naturally, people want to go there and leave their socialist basket cases behind. This threatens to wreck the prosperity that Austria has earned. Austria's neighbors should be encouraged to emulate the free market system thus ending the purpose and need for mass immigration. Of course, the world community should be cognizant of the possibility of repression of minorities presently residing in Austria.If this should occur, boycotts and other actions would be worth considering.

Haider's Freedom Party, as well as ultra conservative parties in Switzerland, Northern Italy, and elsewhere are developing in a vacuum of leadership. They are resonating with real issues that European governments have failed to address. These issues include immigration as well as the political sovereignty of the European nation state with all of its democratic prerogatives and local control. European leadership is increasingly moving toward federation and internationalism at the expense of state economies, political rights, individual and cultural rights, and national identity. The European sovereign state system, with economic interdependence and political alliances between like minded democracies, has proved to present a more peaceful and prosperous Europe than at any time in history. From Robspierre to Hitler and Stalin, united Europe plots have proved disastrous. George Santayana said, "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

The main impetus behind Austria's Freedom Party and other ultra conservative movements, are essentially not National Socialism, but rather the maintenance of a free market within a sovereign state. While a jaundiced eye should follow any European popular movement, these political parties seem to represent the opposite of socialism, at least within a European context. The European Union is quick to ostracize Haider while ignoring people like Putin, D'Alima, and others who are more pliable to their united Europe agenda.

Thus far, the Freedom Party hasn't adopted racist or Anti Semitic beliefs at least not overtly. The encouragement of free markets and the maintenance of state sovereignty would go a long way toward reducing the racist, Anti Semitic and communist tendencies that can never be dismissed in Europe. Nazism was entirely and openly based on the eugenic socialist philosophy of Anti-Semitism. None of that has been significant in these conservative movements, at least not yet. While we should watch carefully for signs of Nazism and Communism, we should listen to and respect the legitimate national aspirations of growing numbers of Europeans.

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