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IMF Protest is pro IMF


By Charles A. Morse
web posted April 10, 2000

The same gang of protesters who engaged in "civil disobedience" at the WTO convention in Seattle last December will be out in force at the upcoming IMF and World Bank meetings in Washington slated for April 16 and 17. Many conservatives and libertarians think the protesters support the laudatory goal of dismantling these world straddling, US taxpayer subsidized, socialistic behemoths.

In fact, the protesters are in favor of strengthening the grip these bureaucracies have on the world. They advocate that these affiliates to the UN get involved in "human rights", "the environment", and a redistribution of wealth. The US taxpayer is expected to pick up the tab of third world socialist dictators who would be forgiven debts. The result of these agendas is a transfer of both money and constitutional, sovereign rights to an unelected, unaccountable international authority.

Protesters are being professionally trained in agitation and media manipulation at the foundation funded Ruckus Society. With antecedents in the communist-run Highlander Schools, which, back in the 1960's, instructed students in tactics meant to disrupt the pro-American civil rights movement, the Ruckus Society develops cadres of trained outside agitators. Since 1995, they have trained 2,000 people to organize direct action in the name of "social justice", "human rights" and a "sustainable environment".

Ruckus Society founder Mike Roselle, 45, is the former direct action coordinator for Greenpeace and founder of Earth First. Roselle achieved notoriety by scaling Mt Rushmore and attaching a gas mask to George Washington's visage as a protest of acid rain. While drawing public attention to such environmental problems as air and water pollution is supportable and important, much of the results of these efforts are more money to activists from foundations, donors, and taxpayers. The result is larger and better paid non-profit organizations and more lobbying efforts resulting in more government.

Environmentalists like Roselle and his ilk are primarily focused on the money that flows as a result of "direct action". The agenda is also an increase in unelected government on an international scale. In other words, world socialism. Hence the interest in increasing the authority of the WTO, IMF, and World Bank.

The WTO, IMF and World Bank are the three legs of an international monetary structure crafted at the Bretton Woods Conference, July 1944 during World War II. The two economists who were instrumental in this creation were John Maynard Kaynes and Harry Dexter White.

British delegate Keynes, a member of the Fabian Society, proposed the idea of abolishing the gold standard thus granting governments, working with central banks, the ability to create fiat money through credits. The IMF would stabilize these credits by monotizing debt, which is to say, creating money by borrowing against the future of the American economy and then transferring currencies from one nation to the other. This international house of cards transfers wealth to non producing economies.

American delegate White was identified by several former communists in congressional testimony, as a courier of information to Soviet agents. His career as assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Roosevelt Administration is a fascinating and devastating study in treason. White's assistant, Frank Coe became secretary of the IMF. Coe was subsequently identified as a spy for the Soviets and moved to Communist China where he died in 1980.

The World Bank acts as an insurance agency for merchant banks, allowing them to loan to third world dictators with the assurance that they will be bailed out by the US taxpayer if there is default. The majority of loans granted by the World Bank are to governments or American corporations doing business in the third world. The result has been the growth in power of governing elites. The bank would be of real service to freedom if it loaned to small, indigenous private companies and individuals.

The World Trade Organization came into existence when President Clinton, with bi-partisan congressional support, signed the GATT agreement into law. The WTO violates article I, section 8 of the Constitution which states that "Congress shall regulate commerce with foreign nations". Whether support for free trade is a good idea or not, Congress is the appropriate body for making these decisions not an organization made up of unelected, unaccountable, mostly foreign bureaucrats.

The protesters from the Ruckus Society, with their theatrics and media savvy, want to enthrone Harry Dexter White's three headed monsters because they, like White, believe in world socialism. They are calling for an expansion in the already colossal power of these groups. Allowing these groups a say in environmental law, human rights law, and economic regulation would be a setback to individual freedom here and in the world. If the Ruckus Society is not actually working for these world order groups, they may as well be.

Chuck Morse is a syndicated talk show host on the American Freedom Network and a contributing writer to Enter Stage Right and EtherZone.

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