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The Nazism of abu Mazen


By Charles A. Morse
web posted April 14, 2003

Mahmoud Abbas, aka Abu Mazen is now the Prime Minister
designate of the Palestinian Authority. The so-called moderate is
being touted as the future leader of a new potential Palestinian
State that is scheduled to be carved out of Israel and ethnically
cleansed of its Jews. Abu Mazen was one of the primary movers
behind the Oslo debacle but now Israel, after the bloody frenzy
against Israeli Jews over these last several years, is once again
being brass knuckled by the international community to try again.
This time, they say, it really will work; the "tough choices" really
will bring about peace.

Who is this so-called moderate Abu Mazen? He was the author
of a book which at the present time seems to have slipped
through an Orwellean memory hole called "The Other Side: The
Secret Relationship Between Nazism and Zionism." In this book,
as reported by Israeli editor Arie Stav in the 1995 issue of the
Israeli journal Nativ, Abu Mazen refutes the Nazi Holocaust as
"The Zionist fantasy, the fantastic lie that six million Jews were
killed." Additionally, Abu Mazen writes that he believes that
there were only about 890,000 Jewish victims in Nazi Germany
and that these victims were actually the victims of a Zionist-Nazi

How many Arab leaders today embrace these bizarre and
sickening Nazi type conspiracy theories? An Arabic translation
of Mein Kampf has been widely disseminated in the Arab world
since shortly after World War II and Adolf Hitler's definition of
Zionism is well known and often quoted. In Mein Kampf, Hitler
said of Zionism "They [Zionists] do not have any intention to
establish a Jewish state in Palestine in order to settle there. They
only fight for one place in which they [can base] a central
organization for carrying out their global plot, a city of refuge for
criminals and a training center for the scoundrels of the future."

Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem is often
referred to as the founder of the so-called Palestinian national
movement. The Mufti spent World War II in Berlin where he
was the Prime Minister of a Nazi-Muslim government in exile.
Hitler greeted the Mufti as a head of state and promised him that
after he won the war in Europe he would conquer the Arab
world and solve the Jewish problem in Palestine. Photos and
testimony have the Mufti touring the death camps and letters
exist of the Mufti imploring Nazi's and pro-Nazi heads of state to
exterminate their Jews.

The PLO maintained long and well documented ties with Nazi
and neo-Nazi organizations. Since the advent of Oslo, the PLO,
now the Palestinian Authority, has downplayed its Nazi
orientation so as to fool the useful idiots on the American and
Israeli Jewish left. Nevertheless, in August of 1995, when the
Israeli and western financed and armed Palestinian Authority
police force finished its training, the graduates were sworn in with
the Nazi salute. The commander of Force 17, which serves as
Yasir Arafat's personal praetorian guard and which has been
linked to some of the worst atrocities against Israeli Jews in the
present intifada is Fawsi Salim el Mahdi but he is better known
by his nome de gurre "Abu Hitler." El Mahdi acquired the
nickname after naming his two sons Eichmann and Hitler.

Europe underwent de-Nazification after the war and perhaps the
same will be done in Iraq. Nazism, however, still maintains a
lethal grip on the minds and souls of many Arabs, particularly the
ruling classes. As Israelis know all to well, Nazism was exported
to and took root in the Arab world.

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