Sunday, December 11, 2011

The next terrorist attack

The “Interagency Intelligence Committee on Terrorism” assessment, which was issued by the Department of Homeland Security in December of 2008, reported that Hezbollah terrorists were operating with a free hand inside the U.S. The report describes terrorist involvement in fundraising for so-called “charity projects” and engaging in criminal activities such as money laundering, smuggling, drug trafficking, fraud and extortion. The report estimates that the Iranian backed Hezbollah would likely increase in strength in the coming years inside the U.S. to the degree that it would pose as a national security threat by the year 2014. There is no record to be found of any arrests or deportations of any of these non citizen terrorists who are quietly going about their business in our communities undetected.

The terrorism report said "The Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah does not have a known history of fomenting attacks inside the U.S., but that could change if there is some kind of 'triggering' event." Might such a triggering event involve a strong stance, perhaps military in nature, on the part of the US if Iran obtains a nuclear bomb? General estimates indicate that the Iranian bomb is within reach of the fundamentalist Islamic Mullahs within a year or two. If and when the Mullahs get the bomb it is reasonable to assume that they will hit Tel Aviv and destroy Israel. Might the Hezbollah terror sleeper cells inside the U.S., viewing the destruction of Israel as a triggering event, respond by attacking the U.S. from within? If Israel is destroyed, and it probably will be destroyed if nothing is done very soon, the destruction of Israel would only whet the appetite of the fundamentalist Islamic Jihad who would no doubt respond by going after the big prize, the Great Satan U.S.

The 38 page terrorism report further indicates that “Hezbollah was being directed by the leadership in Lebanon as well as by Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC).” The Washington Institute and several other reliable sources have written about the increasing ties between Iran and the radical Muslim Brotherhood which indicates that when it comes to Jihad against the Dar el-Harb, or the portion of the planet that has not yet submitted to Islamic control, the Sunnis and the Shiites stand together. The Muslim Brotherhood, which served as a spy network for the Nazis during World War II and which has spawned Hamas and al Qaeda, is Sunni while the Iranians, which spawned Hezbollah, are Shiites. Sunni Hamas leader Khaled Mashal visited Iran in February, 2009 where he stated that the Hamas controlled "people of Gaza . . . have always appreciated the political and spiritual support of the Iranian leaders and nation." Iranian state television reported that Mashal said that "Iran has definitely played a big role in the victory of the people of Gaza and is a partner in that victory."

Compounding the problem is the generally acknowledged notion that the Muslim Brotherhood, the secretive Saudi backed and Egyptian based terrorist society with tentacles reaching into over 70 countries, has extensive contacts inside most major American Islamic organizations. In America, the Muslim Brotherhood displays a peaceful and tolerant face, one that appeals to American liberals, and self hating Jews like New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who are hypnotized by the combination of flowery sounding talk of peace and tolerance as well as by the authoritarian undertones inherent in the Islamic ideology.

This same toxic mix appealed to the same liberals in previous generations who thought that Communism was idealistic. Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood, funneling Saudi money into major American investments and endowments and into the mega Mosques that are springing up across the country, are laughing up their sleeves in the same contemptuous manner as did their communist counterparts in past generations. And all of this in the backdrop of Hezbollah, Iran, Hamas, and their associates preparing for the final Islamic assault and victory and their goal of ushering in their utopian Dar al-Islam, a world completely submitted to Islamic control and law.

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