Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pre-emptive Military Action or retaliation


By Charles A. Morse
web posted September 2, 2002

Radical Islamists are in complete control of Iraq, Iran, Syria,
Libya, and a handful of smaller states where a breakneck effort
is underway to acquire chemical, biological and nuclear
weapons. They have exported their radical revolution by
supporting terror and propaganda in moderate Islamic states,
insurgencies in Russia, China, the Philippines, the Balkans, and
sub-Saharan Africa, and with the influence that huge worldwide
financial investments bring to bear. The Islamists are aiding in the
mass murder of innocent civilians in Israel, India, Pakistan, and
Africa. Genocide against Christians has been going on for years
in southern Sudan. Terrorists are lying in wait to attack in the
U.S. and Europe where infiltration is reported to be extensive.

The raison d'ĂȘtre of this Islamist movement is a call for the death
of Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and anyone else who
refuses to submit to the scimitar. The only non-Muslims tolerated
by these Islamists are those who have submitted to Sharia, or
Islamic law, and who have therefore accepted dhimmi status as
second-class citizens. The Koran commands the believing
Muslim to engage in Jihad, or war, against any nation, which has
refused to submit. The word Islam means submission.

Like the Nazis and Communists before them, the Islamists seek
to establish a world order with themselves in charge. They
believe, like their totalitarian predecessors, that they possess a
superior truth, which entitles them to exercise absolute power
over others. With that same sense of insufferable righteousness,
they are attempting, by use of force and violence, to usher in a
bizarre utopia. They are actually in a stronger position than the
Nazis were in terms of financial recourses, hard and soft-core
following amongst Muslims, and an over-all global reach. They
share with the Nazis a fanatical penchant for murder of those
whom they perceive as standing in the way of their ultimate goal.

Vice President Richard V. Cheney eloquently spoke of a "pre-
emptive military action" against Iraq by the U.S. in an August
29th speech to Korean War veterans in San Antonio. The truth
is that such a military action would be more retaliatory than pre-
emptive since the US has been under attack by Islamists for over
two decades culminating in the Sept. 11th attack on the twin
towers and Pentagon. The radical Islamist Iranian regime of
Ayatollah Khomeni launched the war against America in 1980
when the American embassy was seized in Teheran and
American citizens were held hostage for over a year. President
Jimmy Carter's weak-kneed response to this assault on
American sovereignty set the stage for today's crisis.

Since that time, the Islamists have grown steadily bolder and
more audacious in their attack against the US. The Clinton
Administration did nothing of substance in response to the first
World Trade Center bombing, the bombing of the Khobar
Towers in Saudi Arabia, the bombing of the American
Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania or the bombing of the USS
Cole in Yemen. Islamists took note of the fact that the US was
humiliated and bloodied in Somalia. Evidence suggests that
Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were Islamist agents when
they blew up the Murrah building in Oklahoma City. When
McVeigh was picked up, according to U.S.News (8/29), he had
several Iraqi's phone numbers in his pocket and Nichols had
reportedly been in contact with Ramsi Yousef and the Abu
Sayyef terrorists in the Philippines. Senator John Kerry (D MA)
has stated on TV that in his opinion terrorists destroyed TWA
Flight 800.

Since Sept. 11th, the radical terrorist threat has grown unabated.
The liberation of Kabul from the Islamist Taliban, a truly bright
moment, was met with celebrations and dancing in the streets.
Similar scenes accompanied the end of World War II and the
collapse of Communism. All the world over its easy to see,
people everywhere just want to be free (Rascals). America
would not only be acting in its self-interest by stopping the
scourge, but would be acting in the interest of freedom
everywhere. May the spirit of Kabul spread to Baghdad,
Teheran, and Damascus.

Chuck Morse hosts a radio program on Salem Radio/WROL in

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