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Racist group targets the right


By Charles A. Morse
web posted May 15, 2000

As a talk show host I receive a lot of unsolicited mail with requests for interviews. The newsletter "American Renaissance" arrived looking quite innocuous until I spotted articles with titles like "Speakers Ponder the Future of Whites" and "White Nationalists Seek Respectability". Normally something of this nature would go directly into my "vertical file" however this newsletter looked slick, was published by a group called the "New Century Foundation", and was edited by Jared Taylor who has authored an impressive list of books and who appeared to be no crackpot. Journalistic curiosity drew me to book the interview.

Mr. Taylor started out with a reasoned criticism of what he contended were racist policies such as affirmative action, multiculturalism, political correctness, and immigration policies that are restrictive to Caucasian immigrants. He implied that the solution is the implementation of all of the above to favor whites. I countered with the point that two wrongs don't make a right and that the American way was to be colorblind in terms of law and justice.

In a nutshell, Taylor believes that white people are biologically and genetically more intelligent than and therefore superior to non-whites, that European and American civilization is "white" and that the white race therefore must be dominant in the US. He also peddles the same old bugbears, such as duel loyalties, and anti-Americanism that are traditionally leveled at newly arriving immigrants going back to the Irish immigration of the 1840's. He and his non-profit foundation appear to be peddling this hateful, un-American, eugenic, national socialist garbage on conservative talkshows and with mass mailings. My instinct is to confront and expose this evil rather than to ignore it.

The truth is that European and American civilization is superior to any other. This is attributable to our philosophy and developed moral principals and has absolutely nothing to do with physical attributes such as melanin content in the skin. Western cultural superiority hinges on a single principle and that is the degree in which the West has extricated itself from collectivist tribal or racial consciousness. Race consciousness is what Taylor and his ilk is promoting and claims as intrinsic to our culture.

What emerged in the west, due to a convergence of Judeo-Christian and Greco-Roman concepts, was the development of the free, sovereign individual, operating in his own interest and living life on his own terms. Tribalism was increasingly subordinated and valued as a voluntary, private association separated from law. The individual was free to create, invent, develop surplus capital and establish all the institutions that have been a hallmark of furthering human progress. The free market tends to favor achievement over arbitrary physical appearance.

America is the ultimate manifestation of western civilization with our high degree of respect for individuality and limited government. Racial, ethnic and religious considerations are seen as private and personal matters. When we haven't practiced these principals we have fallen short of living up to the meaning of our creed. Our success depends on an atmosphere that fosters individual achievement rather than one that focuses on accidents of birth.

When I asked my guest to explain the phenomena of a non white intelligentsia and the fact that non whites in this country are obviously partaking in all of the successes of our western "white" culture, he could not answer me other than to belittle the numbers. Obviously his eugenic, biological theories are false and easily disproved. This didn't stop him from forging forward and attempting to appeal to the lowest common denominator of my listening audience. While I don't think he was successful, I take such demagoguery very seriously.

Novelist Ayn Rand referred to racism as "barnyard socialism". Like the Communist, the racist denies the individual credit for his achievements. The Communist attributes achievement to the theft and "exploitation" of others while the racist attributes it to an accident of birth. Both systems deny basic humanity and are anti-freedom.

My guest stated that the US favored the white race up to the 1960's and he advocated a resumption of this policy. While this favoritism would be true, although less so than other cultures, our founding fathers spoke of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness not the importance of white skin. While not always in practice, in principle they were opposed to racism. While racist notions were certainly present, the key to our success has been the degree in which we have transcended this natural human tendency. Racism in American history is nothing to be proud of.

Chuck Morse is a syndicated talk show host on the American Freedom Network and a contributing writer to Enter Stage Right and Etherzone.

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