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Self-loathing Jew


By Charles A. Morse
web posted May 13, 2002

Retiring 60 Minutes journalist Mike Wallace, on Mike Barnicle's
WTTK/Boston radio show, sounded a lot like an Yasser Arafat
mouthpiece. After re-gurgitating the usual anti-Israel atrocity
propaganda, Wallace, in a comment that sticks in my craw, drew
a moral equivalence between Palestinian suicide/mass murderers
and Zionist patriots who fought the British in the period leading
up to Israeli independence. The British called these Israeli
freedom fighters "terrorists," yet, unlike Arab mass murderers
today, they did not deliberately target innocent British or Arab
civilians for murder. Barnicle responded, perhaps unconsciously,
by indirectly unmasking Wallace with a discreet and indirect
reference to a "self-loathing Jew."

Wallace was bitterly referring to Jewish Irgun and Lehi fighters
who, like their American Patriot counterparts at Lexington and
Concord, fought against British tyranny. While the British rulers
of Palestine were interning Jews in concentration camps in
Cyprus and Kenya and sinking boats overflowing with Jewish
refugees from Hitler's death camps, the ragtag Irgun and Lehi
carried out brilliant military maneuvers to open up Palestinian

An example of Irgun ingenuity was the blowing up of the British
military headquarters at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. The
Irgun men entered the basement of the hotel disguised as
Sudanese milkmen and planted time bombs disguised as milk
cans. This was followed by the Irgun command phoning the
British commander to inform him he had twenty minutes to
evacuate before the explosion. When the British commander, Sir
John Shaw was given the news by his chief adjutant, he
arrogantly sniffed "I am here to give orders to the Jews, not to
receive orders from them." While Shaw commanded his people
to stay put, he and several others discreetly evacuated.
Unfortunately, many stayed and 90 were killed, several injured.
The British headquarters and archives were destroyed.

The Irgun deserve a large share of credit for the 1948-1949
victory in the Israel War of Independence. The secular socialist
Zionist Haganah, headed by David Ben Gurion, distracted itself
with an unnecessary war against the conservative, free market
Irgun at a time when the Arab League was fielding divisions from
5 Arab states. An example of this was the sinking, by the
Hagana, of the Irgun arms ship Altalena in June 1948, at the
height of the Arab attack. The Altalena, with much needed
munitions on board, was machine gunned and sunk by a Hagana
division headed by a young officer named Yitzhak Rabin. Had
the Hagana instead concentrated on fighting the Arabs in alliance
with the Irgun, Israel would've stood a better chance of liberating
all of British Palestine and there would be no discussion of a
partition today.

Sir Winston Churchill, in a late 1940's conversation with Irgun
supporter Billy Rose, in the home of Bernard Baruch, recounted
by Ben Hecht in the book "Perfidy," told Rose, "If you were
interested in the establishment of an Israeli Nation, you were
involved with the right people. It was the Irgun that made the
English quit Palestine. They did it by raising so much hell that we
had to put eighty thousand soldiers into Palestine to cope with
the situation. The military costs were too high for our economy.
And it was the Irgun that ran them up."

The Jewish establishment in America today continues to march
to the socialist philosophy of the Hagana founders of Israel
before independence. They timidly cow tow to the idea of
partitioning Israel into two Bantustans, one Jewish and one Arab,
which they believe will miraculously give birth to "peace." Many
of our establishment Jews, displaying a loathing for Jewish
religious principles, see nothing wrong with the racist and
apartied policy of uprooting and transferring 200,000 Jews,
perceived as largely religious, from Judea and Samaria in
accordance with Arab wishes. They are the spiritual descendants
of establishment American Jews who did and said nothing during
Hitler's Holocaust for fear of offending Roosevelt.

Their false socialist utopian ideas caused a weak Israel in the first
place and now they advocate, in the name of "social justice" that
Israel be reduced to an indefensible mini-state in exchange for
"peace" alongside a newly created Arab state controlled by
Arafat. Fortunately, good Christians such as Congressmen Dick
Armey and Tom DeLay, more pro-Israel than the Jewish
establishment, are picking up the cudgels with calls for Israel to
formally annex Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

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