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Sobran's Jewish Obsession


By Charles A. Morse
web posted August 19, 2002

In the newsletter "Sobran's" (8/02), conservative columnist Joe
Sobran writes "For Fear of the Jews" which is based upon a
speech he delivered last June to the "Institute of Historical
Review." The IHR website offers, among other treatises, "a
revisionist perspective on a wide range of historical issues
including the "Holocaust," Auschwitz, World War II, Hitler, the
Palestine/Israel conflict, Zionism, and the "Jewish question." The
Jew obsessed IHR, founded by, among others, accused KGB
agent Willis Carto, is at the vanguard of a movement that
questions the legitimacy of the Nazi Holocaust against the Jews
of Europe.

The IHR challenges the 6 million figure commonly associated
with the number of Jews liquidated by the Nazis. Whether the
actual figure was 6 million, 5 million, or, more probably closer to
7 million really misses the central and irrefutable point that the
Nazis planned and systematically carried out the genocide. The
fact that over 50 years later people passing themselves off as
serious scholars would insist on challenging this historic event is
both grotesque and sick. Joe Sobran, an otherwise serious
thinker, must have no idea how hateful and hurtful such
disreputable revisionism is to Jews, nor does he probably care.

In order to pull off such a colossal fraud as fabricating the
Holocaust, as the reasoning goes, Jews would have to have been
in control of much of the world from behind the scenes. Maybe
powerful Jews got together (at a Catskills resort perhaps?) and
cooked up this whole idea of selling the Holocaust. Their bizarre
conspiracy theory would however, at some point, beg for a
motive so the salient question is why on earth would Jews invent
such a ghastly story? What could possibly be gained from such a
tale? Sobran and his IHR friends, of whom he claims "many
years of acquaintance," seem to see themselves as martyrs in a
valiant attempt at exposing the alleged conspiracy.

In his article Sobran comes as close as anyone in answering this
curious question when he asserts, "the chief use of the Holocaust
story is to undergird the legitimacy of the state of Israel." In
Sobran's fecund imagination, Israel somehow needs "legitimacy"
the premise of which implies that the Zionist movement, an
organic movement that is integral to Judaism and is a modern
expression of the right of the Jews to exercise sovereignty in their
national homeland, is somehow illegitimate. Most fair-minded
Americans, steeped in a tradition of respect for the right of self-
determination, understand and respect Israel's right to exist as a
Jewish state. Americans, and most Israeli's until the recent terror,
also recognized, albeit begrudgingly, the need to carve out yet
another Arab state on the West Bank and Gaza as a means
toward peace.

Sobran darkly insinuates that sinister Jewish forces are trying to
prevent him and others from criticizing Israel. I beg to differ. The
establishment liberal media, I would contend, has been if
anything extremely critical of Israel. I've been criticized, in certain
quarters, for my articles on Israel's weakness in responding to
the present conflict. Sobran's criticism of Israel is more
extestential than policy driven, which, contrary to his Jewish
complex, is why the vast majority of Americans reject his views.
His friends at the IHR, however, are presently boasting over the
fact that a Saudi Arabian paper is carrying one of their articles on
"the Jewish Lobby."

Sobran insists, "Israel has been a costly and treacherous 'ally' to
the United States. As of last September 11" he writes," I should
think that is undeniable." Did Israel send in the hijackers? How
has Israel been "treacherous" to the US? Perhaps Sobran buys
the Islamist line that the US got what it deserved on September
11 for supporting Israel. Maybe he thinks that by dumping Israel,
the US will appease Islamic terror. Americans support Israel as
it faces a colossal and oil-rich Islamic world bent on its
destruction. Yes, perhaps American interests would be better
served if Israel were dumped, a country with little money and no
oil after all, but somehow, Americans still rally to its support. Has
it occurred to Sobran and his ilk that Americans might be
responding to more impulses that are more complex than just
obtaining easy money? Perhaps Americans, perish the thought,
may even be supporting Israel out of spiritual convictions.

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