Sunday, December 11, 2011

Who is Racist?

Henry Adams, grandson of President John Quincy Adams, in his classic late 19th century political autobiography “The Education of Henry Adams” defined politics as “the systematic organization of hatreds.” In that spirit the Democrats, now facing possibly devastating losses in the upcoming mid-term elections this November, have resorted to ugly and groundless charges of racism against their Republican opponents. Such vicious charges serve two purposes. The charge of racism energizes the liberal base by appealing to the general hatred that liberals have toward conservatives and at the same time the charge smears the Republicans. They get two for the price of one. Many liberals actually and sincerely believe that conservatives are racist because they do not support the liberal authoritarian approach to improving race relations.

In making this despicable charge in a period leading up to a national election the Democrats are showing their true colors. They will do anything to win. They couldn’t care less whether playing the race card rips at the basic fabric of our nations social structure and strains our racial relationships. Racism certainly does exist in this country, it always has, which is all the more reason why we should work toward more harmonious relationships and not use the sensitive issue of racial disagreements as a political football.

The charge of racism against conservatives has been leveled by some liberal commentators on my radio program The Fairness Doctrine - Left/Right Radio for the Radical Center. One charge that has been leveled is that conservatives criticize President Barack Obama because they don’t like him because they don’t like black people. This falsity is usually couched in sophisticated sounding jargon dressed up with vague references to various scientific sounding statistics and polls.

The lie is targeted particularly to those who generally identify themselves as part of the tea party movement but, by implication, it targets all Republicans and conservatives. It sickens me to have to respond but I must. Do liberals think that the tea partiers, or Republicans, or conservatives, would be equally critical of the President if the President were Allen Keyes? The conservative Dr. Keyes, who ran for President and who ran against Barack Obama for the U. S. Senate in Illinois is also black. I’m not going too far out on a limb by suggesting that conservatives would be whole heartedly supportive of the policies of a President Allen Keyes who is, to re-iterate, black. It’s much easier to change the subject of the unpopular and ineffective policies of President Obama by attacking his critics as racist.
The NAACP, at their recent National Convention, predictably charged the tea party with racism in a July 14th resolution condemning “racist elements” in the movement. This was the same group that ran a television commercial during the 2000 presidential election accusing George W. Bush of responsibility for the horrendous racist killing of James Byrd because as Governor of Texas Bush did not support hate crimes legislation. The NAACP ad featured chains dragged behind a moving pickup truck, which was how James Byrd was murdered, with the voice of Byrd’s daughter heard over the clanging accusing Bush of murder. Bush responded quite appropriately when he pointed out that as Governor of Texas he supported a very effective hate crime law against the perpetrators of that awful crime, the death penalty.

No doubt the Democrats, after scouring the national landscape, will pick up a few rocks where they will find a few real live genuine racist specimens. Either that or they will parse every utterance of every conservative who has the courage to speak to try to discern an abstract hint of racism. Once they find their specimen the confused and befuddled soul will be then be held up to the glaring national spotlight and labeled as a conservative. Americans will then be informed that the very existence of this person is all that is needed to prove that conservatives and Republicans really do think, even if subconsciously, that black people are inferior to white people.

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