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Why is talk radio conservative?


By Charles A. Morse
web posted August 5, 2002

The liberal left dismisses conservative talk radio with predictable
dark mutterings about "corporate interests" controlling radio as
part of a vast right-wing conspiracy to withhold information from
"the disenfranchised." If this was so, than why does the liberal left
control the major TV networks, ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN,
major newspapers, the New York Times, Boston Globe,
Washington Post, major periodicals, Time, Newsweek, major
book publishers, as well as Hollywood? Since it's clear that if
there is a conspiracy in the media it has a liberal coloration, why
then is talk radio so overwhelmingly and unabashedly

Clearly talk radio is more subject to the vicissitudes of the free
market than the aforementioned vast liberal media conglomerates
with their long established informal monopoly on opinion and
culture. Issues oriented talk radio, on the other hand, depends
more on the attention span of the listening public. The average
American, who works long hours to keep up with the over 40
per cent of his income extracted in taxes, doesn't readily connect
with the big government liberal talk show host. This is why liberal
talkers are virtually confined to the taxpayer subsidized NPR.
Most Americans hate liberalism with its rotten public schools as
evidenced by the popularity of vouchers. In contrast to
liberalism, most Americans believe in a supreme being and also
inherently understand objective moral principles. This is why
liberals, while bloviating about "democracy," seek to install
judges and bureaucrats who will do their bidding in a dictatorial
way. No, left-wing liberalism just doesn't fly with the average
American talk radio listener.

Morse on the set of his radio program

In fact, the vast majority of Americans, I would contend,
including most liberals, are actually conservative! Liberals
generally don't admit this, even to themselves, for fear of
triggering the predictable hate-filled backlash from the
fashionable elite. Too many auto da fe's are played out, with the
usual nasty disembowelment of a designated conservative
"enemy of the people" in the mass media. The depravation of
social acceptance and ostracism are coercive tools which are
employed against adults who may stray too far off the politically
correct plantation in the same way as the bully might treat a non
conforming child in a first grade schoolyard. A fall from social
grace has real and traumatic consequences. Besides the
humiliating loss of face, a dissenter from the authoritarian liberal
orthodoxy often risks financial and career loss, family chasms
and worse.

Nevertheless Americans remain stubbornly conservative, even if
they don't vote that way, and America remains a conservative
nation. Most of us admire American corporations and want to
see them profit if for no other reason than that we own their
corporate stock in our retirement accounts. We want
corporations to succeed, expand, and create more jobs. We like
the incredible products and services that corporations bring to
the market. We understand that laws are in place to prosecute
corrupt corporate executives and that this can be done without
the destructive leftist class conflict rhetoric.

The poor and minority poor, poor by American standards, which
would be middle class in leftist controlled countries, also dream
the conservative dream of improving their lot by accumulating
capital, savings, and property. They intrinsically understand, at
least at some level, that an economy that allows for capital
accumulation is one that encourages opportunity. They will
hopefully wake up one day and realize that they have been
played for suckers by a leftist dominated culture that encourages
immorality, promiscuous sex, abortion, welfare, leniency with
violent criminals, drugs, race hate, and the sweltering oppression
of perpetual dependency. To paraphrase the late Rev. Dr.
Martin Luther King Jr., "from the mountains of New Hampshire
to the hills of Mississippi, let freedom ring."

The liberal elite media may not be left wing enough for hard left
types, the type who read the old Stalinist The Nation magazine.
They like to moan about "corporate" control of liberal media
from their summer cottages on Cape Cod and the Hamptons. Of
course the mainstream liberal media must at least slightly
genuflect toward conservatism in order to maintain any credibility
at all. Even the liberal media in America is conservative to a
degree, at least in comparison to the media in outright
authoritarian socialist states. After all, at some level, even elite
American liberals admire American freedom. Besides, the liberal
monopolistic grip on mass media can only go just so far in this
era of the Internet and talk radio.

Chuck Morse hosts his own talk radio program on Salem
Radio/WROL in Boston.

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