Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Whig solution to Voter Fraud

There is a solution to the problem of voter fraud, an act which compromises the sacred principle of one man one vote. Liberals have accused several GOP governors of attempting to suppress Democratic votes by instituting policies that require proper voter identification. Conservatives counter with the assertion that voter ID is nessasary as a response to widespread and systemic attempts by taxpayer funded liberal groups such as ACORN to hand in forged names on the registration forms of candidates that hire them and to commit other forms of voter fraud. Liberals answer this serious charge by Conservatives with the claim that there has been no significant voter fraud but rather that this is a manufactured issue meant to serve a right-wing agenda.

To make matters worse, liberals are playing the race card in their self-serving argument against reasonable voter identification standards with the claim that a large percentage of voters who would be adversely affected by the new rules are poor minorities who don’t have a driver’s license or other valid form of identification. This charge is false or is at best greatly exaggerated. The vast majority of poor minority citizens have proper identification. But, given the remote possibility that liberals might be at least partially right, there is a simple solution, one that would diffuse the divisive race-baiting on the left while at the same time allow for proper voter identification as a means of reducing voter fraud.
That solution would be for taxpayer funded state social service workers to encourage and to offer assistance in the proper registration of citizens in their care. All 50 states, to varying degrees, employ thousands of social workers, public interest lawyers, health care workers, and poverty administrators. It should be assumed that the vast majority of poor people come into contact with any number of these public servants at some point.

State public servants and social service bureaucrats ought to be charged with the responsibility of offering to help their clients to register to vote if the client requests such assistance. If the client is an American citizen, helping them to obtain the necessary identification to register should not be too difficult to accomplish. Public servants are already paid by the taxpayer which means that the infrastructure to accomplish this task is already in place and would not require new agencies or public employees. The public servant would be less inclined to risk participating in the serious felony of voter fraud.
Once this system is in place, once the poor have access to the assistance they would need to register to vote if they chose to, assuming such assistance is necessary, than the state would be in a position to insist upon photo identification when voting and there would be no legitimate grounds for ugly rancor and accusations. With such a system in place, the state would be in a position to tighten rules around verification of absentee ballots. The state could establish standards that prevent the possibility those students and other residents that spend considerable time out of state from voting in more than one state. Standards for citizens and military personnel overseas could be established by which proof of citizenship could be more effortlessly ascertained. If a police officer can gain access to a person’s driving record when pulled over for speeding than a state should be abler to set standards by which the authenticity of an absentee ballot could be confirmed.
Voter fraud is a serious crime and as such the act of voting fraudulently threatens the very essence of our democracy. Every vote should be equal and the only way to accomplish this democratic principle of voter equality is for the government to insure that elections are not stolen by criminals.  


Gary Aminoff said...

Of course, if the argument by Liberals were accurate, your solution would work. The fact is the Left doesn't really want voter ID because it will crimp their ability to commit voter fraud, no matter what other reasons they claim.

MP said...

So, how about Gingrich's attempt to commit voter fraud in Virginia?