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The Gramsci Factor


The Gramsci Factor 

www.chuckmorse.com ^ | September 21, 2002 | Chuck Morse 
Posted on Fri Sep 27 2002 20:07:10 GMT-0300 (Atlantic Daylight Time) by Tailgunner Joe
Tactics introduced by Italian communist Antonio Gramsci in the 1930's have contributed greatly to the decline of the west. High taxes, government regulations, the toleration of illegal aliens and possible terrorists, the erosion of national defense, gun grabbing, political correctness, the dumbing down and drugging of children and the deliberate corruption of their morals, the anti human element pervading in the environmental movement, the norming of abortion, euthanasia, divorce, homosexuality, and other issues, are manifestations of the Gramsci factor. Gramci called for a gradual transfer of legislative power from elected bodies to appointed bureaucracies where un-natural and authoritarian international socialism could be quietly implemented by force. The natural outgrowth of this has been a sense of loss of control expressed by such phenomena as voter apathy. Americans are surrendering their G-d given rights without knowing it. We are encouraged to think of ourselves as members of proscribed groups with pre-determined values rather than as individuals. America is gradually becoming a subsidiary of a one-world government, which goes by various euphemisms such as "the international community." The Gramsci factor is at play in all of this.

Antonio Gramsci, co-founder of the Italian Communist Party in 1921, after spending time in Stalinist Russia, realized that a revolutionary Marxist/Stalinist approach to world socialism would fail in western societies. He realized that the western democracies appreciated the benefits of individual rights, patriotism, and faith in the creator and that these ideas were deeply engrained and would not be easily surrendered. Instead of violent Marxist revolution, Gramsci would advocate a "long march through the institutions before socialism and relativism would be victorious." His believed that "capitalist bourgeois society" could be seduced into accepting communism through the gradual seduction of the western mind. Wildly popular amongst leftists but not widely known in the broader culture, Gramsci would author over 33 books while in an Italian prison where he died in 1937.

Gramscian ideas differ from those of a 19th century British Fabian socialism that called for a creeping conquest of the free world through the gradual changing of the letter and meaning of the law. Fabians established the devastatingly successful ACLU for that purpose. Gramsci took communism a step further by advocating a literal change of human consciousness itself. This would be accomplished through the infiltration and gradual control of dominant western cultural, educational and media institutions.

Gramscian communists, such as Theodor Adorno, Erich Fromm, and later Herbert Marcuse, established the Frankfort School at Columbia University in the 1930's with the goal of producing "a new stratum of intellectuals" that would be charged with dominating western culture. The Frankfort School invented "critical theory" which is based on the premise that there is no such thing as objective reality. Everything is "perception" according to critical theory, and perception is controlled by ruling elites who decide what is real. Once the false premise is accepted that an individual's perception is formed by the environment rather than by an intrinsic ability to identify truth, the Gramcian communist, consumed by an insufferable sense of his own superiority, feels entitled to obtain and wield power over the masses for the sake of creating new and better realities and perceptions. The Granscian actually believes that he is morally obligated, based on an overarching sense of superiority, to control others and enforce change.
While Marxism, calls for the fomenting of violent conflict between classes, races etc, and Fabian Socialism seeks control over the system of justice and the literal language of the law, Gramscian communism seeks control over culture, established religion, media, education, and other areas where intellectual discourse takes place. Psychiatry, with its pretensions to knowledge of the innermost being, is a major bailiwick for Gramscian communists. It should be noted that the regressive theories of socialism, when enthroned, have already led to the liquidation of over 100 million human beings and a Holocaust against the Jews of Europe.

How can we fight this ever-encroaching behemoth as it colonizes our minds and casts dark clouds over our future? The difficulty lies in the fact that Gramscian communists are not bound to the same objective standards of truth as the rest of us. Given that communism is nothing more than a quest by power-hungry elitists toward the attainment of power for themselves, communists will do virtually anything, whether overt or covert, to achieve their goals. Perhaps the answer is that genuinely progressive lovers of freedom need to recognize that their primary weapon is their addiction to truth, or, as Thomas Jefferson so eloquently stated, "the laws of nature and of nature's God." Vociferously standing up for truth could go a long way toward saving this nation from a slide into totalitarianism.

We need to state that we are answerable to a creator of the universe, not to "enlightened" elites who seek to refashion reality in their own image while attempting to overthrow the Creator. Marx was not as much an atheist as he was anti-G-d. We need to state that our freedom is predicated on the recognition of individual sovereignty and that the individual, in order to enjoy the fruits of freedom, is capable of discerning objective morality and fashioning his life within the limitations of nature.

We must insist that our children be taught in such a manner that they will be able to develop the cognitive abilities that will enable them to function as sovereign individuals rather than what they get now which is political propaganda meant to create confusion, dissonance and docility. We must insist that our culture protect the innocence of our children. We must return a sense of honor and privilege in American citizenship and insist on standards of behavior for guests within our borders. We must re-assert the sovereignty of our federation of states and dis-entangle ourselves from involvements that sacrifice our freedoms and its accompanying prosperity on the alter of world socialism.

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