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Chuck Morse Speaks 
On the Jewish Question - Karl Marx, anti-Semitism and the War against the WestOn the Jewish Question - Karl Marx, anti-Semitism and the War against the West
by Chuck Morse
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By Chuck Morse – author of A Whig Manifesto and The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism
My co-host, liberal commentator Dr. Patrick O’ Heffernan, raised this salient question during our radio program The Fairness Doctrine. On October 26, we interviewed Joshua Rubenstein, the author of “Leon Trotsky-A Revolutionary Life.” Mr. Rubenstein mentioned what has becomereceived wisdom which was that Stalin and the German Communist party had helped to elect Hitler in 1933. I responded with the observation that the communists were probably motivated in their support for the Nazis by an interest in turning Germany in a leftward political direction.
Rubenstein responded to Patrick’s follow-up question, in a condescending tone, that of course the Nazis were right-wing and that one should not be fooled by the word “Socialist” which is part of the name of the National Socialist Nazi Party. Rubenstein based his claim that Nazism was right-wing on the claims that the Nazis were nationalists and anti-Semites with the implication that these two principles should be considered as right-wing. This serious assertion, which constitutes conventional thinking on the left, deserves a response.
Firstly, the right advocates, as I pointed out to Rubenstein, limited government and Hitler was not exactly an advocate of limited government. The right understanding of nationalism involves an overall love of one’s home country whether that country is the United States, Canada, Mexico etc. The left understanding of nationalism, on the other hand, involves a love of the State. In this sense the left is hyper-nationalist as opposed to the more conservative nationalism. The left views the State as a redemptive force that should be empowered to change society and to literally change human nature through programs that re-distribute wealth from the private earner and through bureaucracies made up of “enlightened” experts who would use the force of law to inveigh themselves into all matters of the private lives of the citizen.
This, obviously, describes Nazism to a tee. This also clarifies why the Nazis were “right-wing” in that they were to the right of the Communists who sought total control by the State over all aspects of human life in their quest to establish a world ant colony, what they called a “collective.” The Nazis supported State Socialism, a high degree of public ownership within a super state. The Communists supported World Socialism, what they euphemistically referred to as Internationalism, and outright total ownership of all property and business. This is why Communism is to the left of Nazism and Nazism is to the right of Communism. Both ideologies and both systems are, obviously, to the left of the American system of individual rights and private ownership.
The second piece of evidence presented by Josh Rubenstein in his assertion that Nazism is right-wing, that Nazism is anti-Semitic is more complex. It should be noted that there are anti-Semites and racists on both the left and the right and in this regard the left is hardly pure. As a matter of philosophy, the right rejects anti-Semitism and racism as these tendencies represent “barnyard socialism” as was noted by conservative philosopher Ayn Rand. Indeed anti-Semitism and racism assign collective characteristics to groups of people based upon their ancestry and this idea runs contrary to the core conservative tenet which is respect for the inherent rights of the individual. Judaism and Christianity, when viewed as philosophies, also reject racism as the Judeo-Christian understanding is that each and every individual is uniquely created in the image of God and should not be in any way viewed as part of any group. This view explains in part why both Nazism and Communism were anti-Jewish and anti-Christian.
Furthermore, it should be noted, the father of Communism, Karl Marx, was a vicious anti-Semite who referred to Jews in his 1843 book “On the Jewish Question” as “self-interested hucksters who should be annihilated. Marx also profoundly influenced Hitler how credits him with providing the foundation of his political education in his autobiography Mein Kampf.

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