Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Chuck Morse Speaks 

By: Chuck Morse

Published in 2000

Given the spectre of Vice President Albert Gore, standing on the south
portico of the U.S. Capitol and taking the oath of office as the next
President of the United States this coming January, it stands to reason that
we examine his Communist connection. This way, we begin to understand Gore's
character and what's in store in a Gore Presidency. This issue, not
surprisingly, has been taboo in the campaign so far. Most of the information
for this article is culled from "Dossier: The Secret History of Armand Hammer"
 by Edward Jay Epstein.

Albert Gore Sr., Gore's father, was an obscure Tennessee Congressman when he
befriended Communist front man and
espionage agent Armand Hammer. Hammer became a major contributor to Gore Sr's
campaigns and was responsible for
making Gore Sr. rich. Epstein points out that "In 1950, Hammer made Gore Sr.
a partner on a cattle-breeding business, and Gore made a substantial profit".
Gore Sr. went to work for Hammer's Occidental Petroleum upon leaving
congress. Hammer was quoted as stating that he had Gore Sr. "in my back

According to a report compiled by William Sullivan, number three man at the
FBI, 1961, Hammer had "numerous contacts among high (U.S.) government and
social circles" and that "the latest project in which Hammer S apparently
has successfully interested Senator Gore, is some business deal proposed with
the Soviets". At this time Hammer flew to Libya with Gore Sr. to culminate a
deal that established Occidental Petroleum. Hammer made Gore, after leaving
congress, chairman of Island Creek Coal, one of his many acquisitions and the
third largest coal producer in the US. The Vice President continues to
receive yearly royalties for leasing mineral rights to Occidental Petroleum
and owns shares in Occidental worth approximately $500,000.

Armand Hammer's father, Julius Hammer, one of Lenin's main supporters in the
US at the turn of the century, was under
surveillance by the New York City police suspected of making bombs for
anarchists, and was one of the founders of the
American Communist Party in 1919. Armand Hammer, born in 1898, was named for
the arm-and-hammer symbol of
international Communism and Armand would later use the Communist imprimatur
as a burgee on his yacht.  Hammer Jr. maintained a personal relationship with
Soviet dictators from Lenin to Gorbachev and conducted considerable business
for the Soviets including fencing looted objects de art at the Hammer
Galleries in Manhattan. Epstein's fascinating book voluminously documents
Hammer Sr. and Jr.'s deep and central involvement in the international
Communist criminal conspiracy.

In 1995, after contributing $470,000 to the DNC and $35,550 directly to the
Vice President, Ray Irani, chairman of Occidental Petroleum, was invited for
an overnight in the Lincoln Bedroom. This was followed by, with the Vice
President's recommendation, the sale of the federally administered Elk Hills
oil reserves, reserves held for national security, to Occidental Petroleum
for $3.65 billion. The Vice President, financially involved with Occidental
Petroleum, seems to lobby, at least informally, for his benefactor. Like
father like son?

The concept of special interests buying up a few congressman is nothing new
and has antecedents in American history going back to Second Bank of the US
Chairman Nicholas Biddle "contributing" to congressional campaigns in his
battle to save the bank charter from Andrew Jackson. Al Gore Sr. knew where
the power resided and which side the bread was buttered on and he decided to
sell himself to further his own career and feather his own nest. Gore Sr.'s
motivation was probably more careerist and pecuniary than stemming from an
admiration of Communism. Just old fashioned corruption.

Al Gore Jr. grew up in this atmosphere and is accustomed to playing a very
inside political game. His propensity for stretching the truth and downright
fibbing is, perhaps, the result of having lived with some massive lies all
his life. The Hammer connection cuts to the core of who Gore is as a person
and his background. Hopefully, the issue will be
explored further.

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