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The Assassins

The Assassins

By Charles A. Morse
web posted September 17, 2001

The Islamic terror network, the one which just shoved a dagger
into our hearts, has astonishing similarities to an ancient Islamic
terror sect known as the Assassins, founded by Hasan bin
Sabah, 1094. The modern term "assassination" is derived from
their name. During the Crusader period, they became famous for
their policy of using murder as a ritualistic tactic of terror. Like
their modern counterparts, the Assassins indoctrinated their
adherents into believing that murder was a religious duty. The
Assassins were also known as the "Hashshasin" or hashish
smokers. Their adherents would smoke hashish as a means of
preparing for their missions of murder.

In 1094, Hasan bin Sabah, a friend of the great Persian poet
Omar Khayyam, established himself in a mountain fortress on the
Caspian Sea called Alamut where he would cultivate a violent
personality cult. According to Nesta Webster, a source that,
admittedly, should be approached with a grain of salt, "The final
object was domination by a few men consumed with the lust of
power under the cloak of religion and piety, and the method by
which this was to be established was the wholesale assassination
of those who opposed them."

The Assassins, a tightly knit secret society, established a
pyramidal structure of organization and initiation that would later
be imitated by Freemasonry and most other fraternal orders.
According to Webster, the higher initiates into the order of the
Assassins believed that "Nothing is true and all is allowed." Jim
Marrs, the author of "Rule by Secrecy" states that a belief of the
Assassins was that "everything in creation, including humankind,
is part of a universal whole, a concept along the lines of Einstein's
unified field theory." The atheistic and amoral Assassins believed
in the concept of might makes right, an early version of Social
Darwinism. They, like their modern counterparts, cloaked
themselves in Islam while in fact they, like their modern
counterparts, sought to subvert and destroy Islam.

Hasan, according to the writings of Marco Polo, built elegant
palaces with lush landscaping in a hidden valley. Future recruits
would be drugged, taken to the palace where they would spend
several days in the company of opulence and beautiful women,
and then, after having been drugged again, returned to their
ordinary lives. After a couple of repeat visits, Hasan would
promise his new recruit this "paradise" eternally. The gateway to
this paradise, however, was through assigned murder. This
sounds an awful lot like the belief of today's modern Assassins. I
wonder if their modern handlers are taking their new young
recruits to some modern paradise, perhaps under the influence of
hashish or some other drug, with the same promises in exchange
for suicide. It certainly seems familiar and entirely plausible.

The Assassins, at their pinnacle of power, held great influence
over most of the rulers of the Middle East. This was
accomplished through spectacular acts of violence and
maintained through a threatening network of terror cells. The
Assassins had no particular loyalty to Islam as they allied
themselves with the Crusader Knights Templars in their war
against the Saracens. They were early practitioners of what is
presently called "realpolitique." Total power was the goal and
unspeakable violence was the means. The Assassins would
eventually be weakened by their own murderous nature, as
Hasan would be assassinated by his son, Mohammed, who
would in turn be poisoned by his son, who had learned of a plot
by his father to kill him. Mongol hoards would eventually finish
them off altogether.

Perhaps our government should consider these terrorists, who
just assassinated many of us, as a modern version of the
Assassins because that is exactly what they appear to be.
Through violence and threats of violence, they are controlling
many of the world's governments outright while others are
trembling with fear. They operate as a secretive syndicate who
employ assassination to terrorize anyone, including Muslims, who
gets in the way of their power. They are probably involved in
international drug trafficking and also probably employ secretive
pyramidal organizational techniques. By understanding the nature
and means of this subversive international conspiracy, our
leaders should be able to thwart these modern Assassins as the
Mongol hoards did to their predecessors.

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