Saturday, May 19, 2012

Review: Incisive & Original Commentary

This is a remarkable collection of essays enlivened by scholarship and original analysis, phrases much used but rarely achieved. Chuck Morse is always readable which is a great gift in someone who responds to the pressure and excitement of breaking events. Part of what makes his essays (they offer far more than your typical topical columns)so engaging is the amount of scholarship into 20th century history, social science and philosophy that Morse packs into his lively and polemical discussions of current issues. He elevates consideration of familiar topics (the decay of public education, the intrusions of the Federal and State governents into individual and family life, the coercive uses of tax monies)to a level of clarity where readers can surprise themselves with fresh thoughts and insights on subjects too often buried in cliches. Visiting the essays in this collection is like browsing through an excellent library, where a skilled researcher has laid out key texts for the visitor. Morse is at his best in analyzing the history by which "change agents" from departments of Education and think tanks have purposefully shaped education into social and behavioral engineering with consequences it behooves all parents and citizens to consdier. This is a lively and engaging volume that sparkles with fresh insights and a passion for truth. Morse has been one of the best kept secrets of American commentary. A wider audience soon will be gratefully singing his praises, and applying his thoughts to local activism.
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