Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sex Education is lauched - 1964



By: Chuck Morse
Philip Rieff, chief consultant to the leftist National Council of Churches, 1961-1964, and author of "The Triumph of the Therapeutic-Uses of Faith after Freud" comments (pp159) "Sexeducation becomes the main weapon in an ideological war against the family; its aim was to divest the parents of their moral authority". Reiff’s book, which also refers to the family as "the chief institutional instrument of repressive authority", illustrates, in no uncertain terms, the true agenda behind sex education. Sex education is meant to replace the moral authority of the family with that of the State, acting through its primary agent, the public school system. With that authority firmly in hand, the State has proceeded to subvert sexual morality.Sex Education was launched internationally at the UNESCO sponsored "International Symposium on Health, Education, Sex Education and Education for Home and Family Living" held in Hamburg, Germany 1964. The philosophy of the UN agency UNESCO, the self-described world’s school board, can be summed up by its founder, Julian Huxley, brother of Aldous Huxley author of "Brave New World" in the book "UNESCO: Its Purpose and Philosophy"pp 46:
"It will be one of the major tasks of the the philosophy division of UNESCO to stimulate…the quest for a restatement of morality that shall be in harmony with modern knowledge and adapted to the fresh functions imposed on ethics by the world of today".
An overriding theme of the conference was how to end sexual "repression" which is to say how to subvert traditional sexual mores. Contending that traditional sexual moral standards were "repressive" is essentially saying that those who maintain such standards are mentally ill and, therefore, must be in need of re-education. Implied is that all standards of sexual restraint are "repressive" and that the goal is "liberation" as a means of becoming mentally well. This "transformation" toward sexual freedom would start with children since they would be the least exposed to, in Reiff’s words, "oppressive authority". Hence the conference advocated that "sex education should begin at an early age".
Claire Chambers, in her book" The SIECUS Circle: A Humanist Revolution" recounts the "findings" of the Hamburg conference. Delegates were told that "children learn about sex elsewhere…rarely in the home". Since sex, presumably, is everywhere, the State would accept the responsibility of developing a proper means of instruction for the common good. The goal was for all children, to be taught the same sex education program worldwide as a means of developing a regimented world citizenship. In this regard, parents would not be up to the task and the family unit would pose an obstacle. The morally relative, humanist faith of the conference would replace the morally absolute Judeo-Christian value structure of a majority of Americans at the time. The conference dealt with, among other subjects, abortion, birth control, "sexual deviations", and psychological methods of teaching such as "role-playing and psycho and socio-drama".
Three months after the conference, the Sex Information and Education Council of the United States, SIECUS was established. Claire Chambers states that "The SIECUS concept of sex education (was) a carbon copy of the Swedish program as adopted by UNESCO". SIECUS quickly became the most influential "clearinghouse" for school districts, "publishing houses, film producers, governmental and private agencies, foundations, medical societies, educational institutions, and religious bodies". SIECUS, spawned by UNESCO, was clearly able, with their research papers and facilitators, to shape the thinking of the majority of our power elite on the subject of sex.
The advocates of sex education employ the "Big Lie" strategy as they inform us that their purpose is to save our sons and daughters from the very ills that they have deliberately sanctioned and legitimized. Entire generations, meanwhile, are being poisoned with their filth disguised as science. In response to our protestations, laws are passed mandating more "funding" which goes into the pockets of the culprits and further erodes our parental authority. We are paying dearly for the privilege of having our children debauched. We have been played like violins.
A moral society guards youth against exposure to sexual matters thus protecting innocence. Children are not sexual and should not be sexualized. Exposing a pre-pubescent child to sexual subjects is immoral, perverted and dangerous. Sex is everywhere, which are all the more reasons we should insist that our schools, acting in loco parentis, and paid for by our tax money, be as much as safe haven from this exposure as our homes. Sex, taught in school, by authority figures using high-sounding pseudo psycobable, amounts to an endorsement of sexual vise. Children are not stupid; they instinctively understand this and the weaker ones act accordingly.
After approximately 35 years of sex education, the verdict is in and we should be entering the sentencing phase. Since 1964, sex education has contributed to massive increases in teenage pregnancies, promiscuity, out of wedlock birth, homosexual activities, rape, assault, suicide and murder. Huxley’s "restatement of morality" has contributed to mass murders in school where there are cases of children attending classes wearing bulletproof vests. Reiff’s "ideological war against the family" has contributed to divorce, domestic violence, and a generation turned off by the idea of marriage. The planned erosion of Reiff’s "divesting of parents from moral authority" has led to a culture of pornography, drugs, and death. 

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