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Was the Kennedy assassination a communist conspiracy?

Was the Assassination of President
John F. Kennedy a Communist Conspiracy?

Charles A. Morse

It´s been 38 years since President John Fitzgerald
Kennedy got his head blown off while on a routine
campaign stopover in Dallas, November 22, 1963.
Interest and speculation continue to swirl around this
horrible tragedy. The continuing government secrecy is
responsible for creating an atmosphere of cynicism and
distrust. At this late date, the American people are
entitled, at long last, to know everything known
concerning this evil event. There should be a complete
and immediate disclosure.

Since the assassination, enough books and articles on
the events of the day and it´s aftermath have been
written to fill a library. Most of these are factual and
well researched but suffer from the necessary and
inevitable limitations resulting from the government
cover-up. In 1985, "The Final Report of the Select
Committee on Assassinations" stated "The committee
believes, on the basis of the evidence available to it,
that President John F. Kennedy was probably
assassinated as a result of a conspiracy." This
statement turned the Warren Commission report on its
head. The government itself, as of 1985, recognizes a
conspiracy behind the assassination and says so on the
record in this congressional report.

Having said that, if there is one central theme that both
the Warren Commission and all the subsequent
researchers agree upon, it is that Lee Harvey Oswald
was at least one of the gunmen involved. Who was Lee
Harvey Oswald? What is rarely discussed is that Lee
Harvey Oswald was a fanatical Communist. What was
Oswald´s Communist background?

The State Department testified to the Warren
Commission that Oswald received a visa to enter the
Soviet Union from Finland in October 1959, two days
after applying. Normally, at the time, such a visa would
take anywhere from 30 to 90 days to obtain. Oswald
would renounce his US citizenship and spend two years
and eighteen months in the Soviet Union. The Warren
Commission admitted, "Oswald´s life in Minsk is the
portion of his life which the least is known" and that
"Oswald was given considerable benefits which ordinary
Soviet citizens…did not have." The commission stated
that Oswald himself had "frankly stated" that money
paid to him at the time "had come from the MVD (secret

Oswald´s Soviet wife, Marina, came from a high-ranking
Soviet Checkist, or secret police family. At least two of
her uncles, including the one she lived with in Minsk
when she met Oswald, were high-ranking officers in the
MVD. While in the Soviet Union, Oswald was granted a
highly unusual membership in a "hunting club" where he
was allowed to keep and use a rifle. When he left the
Soviet Union, June 1962, his wife´s visa was quickly
processed whereas, normally, a Soviet citizen had to
wait from 6 months to a year for such permission. The
Soviets had granted Oswald an exit visa a month in a
half before he actually left which contradicts their
contention that they wanted to get rid of him right
away. Upon arrival in the US, he joined the Communist
"Fair Play for Cuba Committee."

Some weeks before the assassination, Oswald would
travel to Mexico City where, at the Soviet embassy, he
would meet with a man identified as a one of the top
KGB operatives in the Western Hemisphere. As a result,
ironically, of a weakening of security by the Kennedy
State Dept., including the sacking of specialist Otto
Otepka, the future assassin would return and would, in
fact, roam unencumbered in and out of the US. He had
obtained a passport to return to Russia after the
assassination. The Warren Commission, in spite of
these facts, refused to consider the possibility of a
Communist conspiracy.

What could possibly motivate the Soviets to
assassinate Kennedy? The following is sheer
speculation and is not meant to question the validity of
the research of others. It has been all but forgotten,
since the assassination and his subsequent martyrdom,
that Kennedy´s popularity was, in fact, plummeting in
the fall of 1963. He was encountering uneasiness and
indifference as he traveled around the country that fall.
Many in the Democratic Party were predicting serious
trouble in the upcoming election of 1964. The Deep
South had been virtually written off. Time Magazine, in
October, published the results of a survey, which
showed that Senator Barry Goldwater "could give
Kennedy a breathlessly close race." Vice President
Lyndon Johnson was concerned about whether or not
Kennedy could carry Texas, which was why he urged him
to campaign there that fateful November.

Senator Barry Goldwater, the best-selling author of The
Conscience of a Conservative was, on the other hand,
on a roll with genuine grass-roots support. The
Goldwater phenomenon was unprecedented and, if
elected, threatened, before the assassination, the
entire edifice of the authoritarian socialist gains that
the left had put in place going back to the New Deal of
FDR. The country seemed to be waking up. This
momentum would be turned around after the
assassination. In addition, Kennedy had proven to be
ineffective in terms of getting legislation of a socialistic
nature through Congress. Did the Soviets, and their
American apparat, including Oswald, believe that, as a
response to an assassination a reaction would ensue
against the conservatives? Could this reaction be
manipulated to benefit the socialist agenda? To doubt
this as a plausible theory is to express ignorance
concerning the workings of the left-wing Communist

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david krall said...

from: david t. krall
email: truthatlarge@hotmail.com

NO! not a communist conspiracy, but a very corrupt, more, much, much more corrupt than any president !!!
Follow the money trail... power
and money and corruption !!! the 3 keys...it is easy to place and use monicors, labels, and tags...but to fully understand the deapth and breadth of the cleaver plot to kill JFK...study the victim, as much as the crime...as Medford Evens said
and he put it excellently years ago, like Caesar, "The forces that
killed President Kennedy out-numbered those who supported him..." 11/22/63 was a coup de'tat... orchestrated and financed
by powerful and influencial enemies of JFk/RFK and like minded "friends", "allies" and sympathizers within the DOD, FBI and CIA...this was an inverse or "mirror" of what later happened
to Kruschev on October of 1964, and
what almost toppled/removed/ assassinated HItler, De Gaulle and
Mao...among other major "enterprises" in History...
from: david t. krall
email: truthatlarge@hotmail.com