Saturday, May 19, 2012

Whigs, State Rights and Why National Politics is Encouraging a New Third Party to Emerge

WHIGs, State Rights and Why National Politics is
Encouraging a New Third Party to Emerge

By Chuck Morse, Author, A WHIG Manifesto

Chuck Morse is a seasoned radio talk show host featured on CyberstationUSA.com’s “Fairness Radio with Chuck Morse & Patrick O’Heffernan”; he authored THE NAZI CONNECTION TO ISLAMIC TERRORISM and has contributed to major papers and magazines on political topics.

Many servicemen and women, returning to a federal government shutdown by party one-up-manship, turned to the philosophy of one of the nation’s founding parties to address their frustrations with such a breech in public service: They
revived the WHIG Party, the original hosts of the Boston Tea Party.
Modern WHIGs support the US Constitution’s guarantee to a balanced government, and not just the balance between executive, legislative and judicial branches of power, but also between the federal government and the states.
The Constitution clearly says: Powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
The founders expected the stronger levels of governing responsibility would reside with the level of government closest to the people. For the original WHIGS, this meant the power to regulate would reside with elected officials who represented the will of the people first. The Whigs of today are concerned over a turnover of governing authority from elected officials to unaccountable appointees, bureaucrats, judges, and international bodies.
The WHIGs goal is to preserve American sovereignty and security, a philosophy that is neither left nor right. The Whigs recognize that the most natural and fundamental balance in government resides in the balance between the government and the sovereign citizen.
This is why the WHIGs support the right of the individual to worship in public, to keep and bear arms, and to maintain the maximum level of control by the individual and the family over life, liberty, property, and destiny, and to have their civil and equal rights strongly protected.
While the WHIGs support a vigorous national government that invests in national infrastructure, protects domestic industry and labor, regulates national financial and banking institutions and issues debt-free currency, the Whigs also respect the prerogative of the states to regulate on such social questions as the definition of marriage and other family issues.
The WHIGs have championed civil rights on the national level, the right to equal justice under the law, since the days of the WHIG Administration of Abraham Lincoln. Yet regarding specific policies of welfare, education, health care, affirmative action, abortion, birth control, and other social questions, the Whigs trust the citizens of the states, and their elected state representatives, to render public policies that are suitable.
This is the fastest growing third-party in America.

Mr. Morse is available for interview about why Americans have a legitimate third-party choice. Contact:
Kris Millegan, publisher, Trineday Books (800) 556-2012
Chuck Morse (617) 271-5044
C. Brylski (504) 897-6110

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