Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Why Did African-Americans Vote for Gore?

Chuck Morse Speaks 

Why Did African-Americans Vote for Gore?by Chuck Morse

Have African-Americans, who historically voted Republican up until the election of Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956, become so indoctrinated with left-wing race hatred propaganda, and so imbued with left-wing notions of authoritarian government, that they are out of reach for the Republican Party, the party of Lincoln, today? Ninety percent of the African-American vote, according to Diversity Inc., went to Al Gore and only 8 percent went to the Republican George W. Bush. Were African-Americans swayed by the racist hate campaign of Gore, which, essentially, branded Bush a racist? What lesson can be derived? Could this be reversed in the future or is it too late?

The Republicans offer a plan that should appeal to African-Americans. Cutting taxes means more income remains in the pockets of those who earn it. More capital, at the source of production, results in a higher standard of living. Purchasing power, savings, and investment means more economic activity and more and better jobs. Whenever there is a federal tax cut, boom times follow and more African-Americans enter the middle and upper class. Two examples of this in recent history are the Kennedy tax cuts of 1961, and the Reagan tax cuts of 1981. The Newt Gingrich Republican Congress has thwarted the big spending agenda of Bill Clinton. and, magically, we have a strong economy today as a result. Surely African-Americans don't relish larger portions of their hard earned paycheck absconded by the government.

Bush offers a baby-step toward privatizing Social-Security which would go a long way toward reducing poverty. The present system transfers a sizable chunk of the weekly paycheck directly to the US Treasury where it earns no interest, the government decides the retirement age, and the money vanishes upon the death of the recipient or his spouse. There has been talk of taxing and 'means testing' this already taxed income as a way of 'saving' Social Security. The system will, by all estimations, implode on itself if steps are not taken, which means, that the retirement benefit itself will have to be compromised to avoid disaster.

The setting up of a private retirement account, on the other hand, means that the worker will get an accumulated return on the investment, thus having an economic cushion at retirement time. The money he worked all his life for will be his and will be passed on to his children rather than being used to fund the bureaucracy. There is, simply, no better means of reducing poverty than the development of a vehicle that would accumulate capital and pay a return on that capital.

The Republicans stand for Civil Rights on moral grounds rather than using racial inequality as a political football to increase the authoritarian power of government. The left sows racial division and pits race against race as a dialectical means of increasing government power. The left uses this power to institutionalize poverty through massive welfare programs thus creating dependant groups loyal to themselves as the source of the welfare. Republicans, on the other hand, recognize that the best means of reducing racist attitudes is economic opportunity and moral suasion.

Perhaps African-Americans, like many of my Jewish relatives and friends, are inculcated with the old prejudiced idea that Republicans are racist or anti-Semitic. When they see a Republican, they recoil with disgust. This reaction is the result of massive lies promulgated by the left and their media lackeys over decades. Commercials like the one showing chains being dragged behind a pickup truck with the insinuation that the Republican, Bush, is responsible for the murder, or incendiary comments by Gore at the last minute concerning the choice between good and evil, stimulate this long standing prejudice in the African-American voter.

This type of demagoguery wouldn't work against a Democrat who very well may be racist or anti-Semitic. A case in point is Hillary Clinton, who, according to several sources, repeatedly referred to Jews as F**king Jew B***ards and who supported the PLO during the time they were landing rubber boats on the beaches of Tel Aviv with the purpose of killing as many Jewish men, women and children as possible. Somehow, if you support the authoritarian ideas of the left, these things don't matter. Republicans should reach out to the African-American community and not let the left, which has an agenda of creating permanent racial blocks for the purpose of achieving power succeed. Hopefully, African-Americans will wake up and realize which side is truly advocating for their interests and those of all Americans.

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