Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Modern Whig Party announces opposition to Law of Sea Treaty, decries Sen. Kerry’s “conventional wisdom”

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  • Modern Whig Party announces opposition to Law of Sea Treaty, decries Sen. Kerry’s “conventional wisdom”
    In the interest of preserving America’s national sovereignty, the Modern Whig Party (MWP) today announced their opposition to the Law of Sea Treaty (LOST), taking particular issue with what they consider ‘political doublespeak’ from one of the leading proponents of the international convention, said  Chuck Morse, Boston radio talk show host and author of "A Whig Manifesto."
    The language in question comes from an op-ed Senator John Kerry (D-MA) penned that appeared on HuffingtonPost.com the morning before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations heard testimony on the Law of the Sea Convention: Conventional wisdom tells us that with the presidential campaign season upon us, the United States Senate is closed for business. On the Foreign Relations Committee, we're working now to prove conventional wisdom wrong.
    “The depth of hypocrisy is so readily apparent, coming from any other legislator, I’d almost assume it was a joke,” said Mr. Morse. “Senator Kerry has been perfectly clear that the Senate will not vote on the treaty until after the November elections. Delaying a vote on an issue of national security for the post-election lame duck session is a funny way to ‘prove conventional wisdom wrong.’”

    According to Morse, the most onerous provisions of the Law of Sea Treaty would make the U.S. subordinate to an international tribunal in disputes, whereas the U.S. currently has the discretion to negotiate a resolution with the involved parties without an international jury. The U.S. could also be forced to adhere to international environmental provisions. Additionally, deep sea drilling operations would become subject to International Seabed Authority (ISA) fees, fines and royalties with the express purpose of international wealth distribution.

    "Our nation was founded on the principle of 'no taxation without representation,'" said Morse. "If the Senate ratifies the Law of Sea Treaty, the ISA will tax American drilling operations and we will have no say in how that money will be spent.

    “The Modern Whig Party believes our government should be held closely, and directly, accountable to its citizens,” said Mr. Morse. “Or, as one former Whig Party leader famously said, ‘of the people, by the people, for the people.’ As a sovereign nation, the Federal Government of the United States is ultimately accountable to its people. If the Senate votes to ratify The Law of Sea Treaty, the representative nature of our democracy would be drastically diminished. Senator Kerry may think it's better this way, to be conventional. I think it's just unwise.”

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