Thursday, July 26, 2012

Liberal Democrats be forewarned - Elizabeth Warren is a Fraud

The professor and bankruptcy lawyer is not who she claims to be. Even die-hard liberals are beginning to question the cult of Elizabeth Warren. Mounting evidence suggests that the Harvard professor and Democratic senatorial challenger of Massachusetts Republican Senator Scott Brown is nothing more than a first-rate phony and a political hack. Her candidacy might even prove to be too much for the stomachs of liberal Massachusetts voters.

While boring us with insufferable and empty critiques of the mortgage banking industry, Warren made a fortune flipping twelve mortgages in her home town of Oklahoma City. Between 1993 and 1997 the crusader against ‘a deregulated credit industry (that) squeezed families harder, hawking dangerous mortgages’ was buying and selling foreclosed properties at a substantial markup. The Boston Herald reported that Warren bought one property for $30,000 and flipped it five months later for $145,000, a 383 per cent markup. According to the Herald, Warren typically gained between 10 and 73 per cent on her sales, netting hefty profits.

The champion of Obamacare and the scourge of private sector health insurance was paid $212,000 by Travelers Insurance, a health insurance corporation, to screw the little guy, the employees of the manufacturing giant Johns-Manville, employees who thought that they were insured for asbestos poisoning. Warren immunized the bankrupt Travelers, which was facing thousands of claims, by crafting an agreement that allowed the company to set up a separate fund which would allegedly pay the sick employees with paltry sums. Travelers never even made good on the fund. The Boston Globe refered to Warren's involvement in the affair as "murky." While fixing a deal for Travelers Warren was also picking up a tidy $3,500 per week in taxpayers money to create the “Consumer Financial Protection Bureau” for the Obama Administration. President Obama wisely passed over Warren for a recess appointment as head of the agency.

The biggest controversy swirling around Warren, however, and the starkest example of her fundamental dishonesty was her claim to minority status in various professional situations where such a claim would stand to benefit her career. The speciousness of her claim to having Native American ancestry was amplified by the fact that in selected professional situations she claimed to be white. The mediocre professor denied claiming to be Native American at Harvard while seeking tenure. She later had to admit to the Boston Globe that he lied about this when confronted by a Globe reporter who interviewed Harvard. It apparently had never occurred to the shameless Warren that she might have to answer to this. Perhaps she assumed that her liberal advocacy would protect her. Meanwhile, from an affirmative action standpoint, she cheated the system, she stole opportunities from genuine minority applicants.

Finally, the New York Times has reported that Elizabeth Warren stands to become one of the top Congressional fund-raisers of all time as fat cat liberal one percenters and corporate CEO’s pony up large sums of cash for her candidacy. FEC filings reflect large corporate support for Warren who has taken credit for starting the Occupy Wall Street movement. When asked by the Boston Herald how she squared her incessant criticism of corporations with her acceptance of substantial corporate support for her candidacy, she responded by noting that “corporations want to be regulated too.”

Meanwhile, apparently the Democratic National Convention has floated Warren as a potential speaker to deliver the keynote address. Warren is still generating swoons in some quarters when she hypocritically rails against the mortgage industry and the big corporations and when she claims to champion regular people who want to get ahead through honest effort. Perhaps Warrens appeal is based on a desire for revenge against Scott Brown for winning Ted Kennedy’s seat. Revenge, it should be recalled, can backfire. Remember Scott Walker and the Wisconsin recall.  

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