Friday, August 31, 2012

Three reasons why Mitt Romney should be the next President of the USA

1. The economy

Massachusetts Governor Francis Sargent lost his seat to the virtually unknown local State Rep. Michael Dukakis in 1974. When asked by a reporter why he lost the popular Sargent ruefully observed "It was the price of hamburger." This November the election will come down to the price of hamburger.

Other than his core left-wing supporters, Americans will not blame their hard economic times on sucessful people most of whom are, at any rate, left-wingers themselves. Americans seeking to get a leg up in this economy, will wonder how Obama's call for the largest tax increase in history will help anyone but government hacks. Envy of the rich, and anger at former President Bush, who went home to his modest and ecologically correct ranch in Crawford, Texas almost four years ago will not fool anyone other than the most strident Obama loyalists.

2. The Scott Walker factor
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker took on the powerful public sector, those who have used their public positions to enrich themselves with generous pensions, health care, and other benefits payed for by the earning taxpayer, and he won. Walker sought to reign in the power and costs of the public sector and their union and left-wing allies and they responded by trying to throw Walker out of office. Walker beat them with 53%n of the vote. This victory was a vote of confidence for all Republican and conservative Democratic Governors who are also trying to take back their states from public sector hacks and their allies. This was a victory for the taxpayer and for working people. Mitt Romney will pull off the same upset as Scott Walker in spite of the ugly noise eminating from their shared opposition.
It should be noted that most Governors applauded Walker's victory. The Democrats applauded behind closed doors.

3. The cult is gone
Barack Obama was a cult figure in 2008 and that has evaporated like so much hot air. His dedicated left-wing cadres will march to his tune in unison as they understand that he is one of them. The problem for Obama is that the vast middle are no longer enamored of him. The left always requires a cult leader and this is one of the basic factors that differentiates the left from the right. The thrill is gone.

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