Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Democrat Convention could be more honest

The Democrat Convention was not as bad as the memorial service that was held for the late Senator Paul Wellstone in 2003, a memorial that included many of the same cast of characters as the Democrat Convention being held today in Charlotte. At the Wellstone Memorial, the TV cameras picked up the true essence of the left with people thrusting their fists in the air, with their scowling faces and ashen complexions, and with hatred pouring forth from every pore.

Paul Wellstone was a nice guy, a Minnesota liberal Senator who had friends on both sides of the political spectrum. After his tragic death in a plane crash, the organizers of a memorial service dis-invited Vice President Dick Cheney and Senator Trent Lott, both personal friends of Paul Wellstone. The memorial devolved into a shout-fest with left-wing sloganeering and posturing. The action was captured by the national TV media and the country was shocked and disgusted. Indeed, it has been suggested that the Wellstone Memorial disaster led to the defeat of John Kerry for President the following year.

Putting aside the inane ranting of Democrat Chairman Rep. Deborah Wasserman Schultz and the banning of God and Jerusalem from the party platform, the Democrats have been on their best behavior. The keynote speaker, Julian Castro, the Mayor of San Antonio, Texas, sounded like a downright conservative with a few disconnected left-wing flourishes thrown into his remarks. Michelle Obama sounded and looked great but the undertext was an untentioned portrayal of Barack Obama as an aristocratic elities who deins expose himslef to the little people by heroically taking time out from his important schedule to read a few letters. The left always loves these types of stories.

Hopefully Americans will understand that in spite of the phony posturing, the choice between the two parties this year is definitive and stark. The Democrat convention is overwhelmingly attended by government employees and the glorification has gone to the greatness of government. The Republicans are standing for private rights, private business and private investment. The Democrats seek to expand government, the Republicans seek to create a situation in which government cam be afforded by unleashing the power of private innovation and individual rights. The Democrats seek to re-write the Constitution, the Republicans seek to uphold it.

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