Monday, September 17, 2012

Faith and Science

Today is Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, and I happened to get a synopsis of a sermon that was delivered by a Rabbi at a Reform synagogue in Seattle. The Rabbi presented what I would describe as a false conflict, a dialectical analysis, and that is the alleged conflicting views of faith and science. Operating on the premise that this conflict exists, the Rabbi suggested, as a solution, that his congregants re-introduce faith into their lives.

There is, or course, no contradiction between faith and science as this is one of the great myths that has been promoted by the left as a means to undermine faith. Science is the study of the material world and presents abstract theories based on this study. Science is based upon axioms that are at some point provable or, as is often the case, based upon a consensus of respected scientists who make a cogent article that something is true. The scientific discipline, as such, is therefore conducted outside of considerations regarding a supernatural force in the universe.

But the scientific discipline should not be understood as a contradiction of the super-natural. A study of the natural world no more contradicts a study of the super-natural world than would a study of animals contradict a study of plants. Indeed, it does not contradict science to point out that science is a study of a world and of a universe that was created by God.

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