Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mitt Romney as Thurston Howell? Not quite

"Thurston Howell Romney," the headline of a New York Times column (9/17) hardly describes Mitt Romney. Thurston Howell was a character in the 1960's TV sit-com Gilligan's Island who was actually modeled after F. D. Roosevelt, the elitist eastern seabord liberal president. The inside joke around the Gilligan Island character, for those who remember the show as I do, was that Howell was a classic limousine liberal, amoral, internationalist, and out of touch with the lives of working people.

A more apt comparison to Howell would be 2004 Democratic Presidential nominee Senator John Forbes Kerry of Massachusetts. Kerry is three times richer than Romney and with an estate worth in the neighborhood of a billion, Kerry is probably the richest man to ever serve in Congress. Certainly the Kennedy family aspired to be like Howell, they certainly affected his mannerisms as I'm sure those familiar with the show would agree, but the status for the Kennedy's was perhaps out of reach because they were Catholic and not WASP's. As a Mormon and as a mid-westerner, Romney would never be welcomed into that exclusive fraternity. Howell would be more comparable to the ultra-liberal Republican Rockefeller family.

Rather than focusing on the complete collapse of the foreign policy of Barack Obama, the murder of our ambassador in Lybia and three members of his staff, the lethal rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt after Obama told Mubarak to leave, the civil war in Syria, the nuclear proliferation in Iran, the losing war in Afghanistan after Obama escalated US troop presence at the advise of liberals in Congress, the media has focused instead on comments made by Romney that are actually not controversial.Romney said what both Democrats and Republicans have been saying for the past three years which is that more Americans than ever before are on some sort of public assistance. This is a huge social problem and, along with the war, is the cause of the massive Federal deficit.

We are told by the liberal media that by pointing out the obvious in a private conversation at a fund-raiser, Romney doesn't care about people. Quite the contrary. Romney is concerned about the largest and most sustained unemployment since World War II. This has been particularly hard on African-Americans and women. Indeed, if John McCain had been elected in 2008, and if he had the same record as Obama on employment, we would be hearing screams of racism against him, a charge that Obama is immune from simply because he happens to be black.

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