Monday, September 3, 2012

Obama's Dilemma

President Obama has two options at the Democratic National Convention. He can either take credit for four years of accomplishment, credit from left point of view, or he can lie and pretend he's a conservative. The second option, the one that involves his pretending to be conservative, worked wonders for him in 2008.

Indeed, from the left-wing vantage point, Barack Obama has been a a great success. He further centralized the government by expanding the fiat power of the presidency. He did an end run around the elected Congress with presidential directives and an undeclared war. He moved to sieze an entire industry, about 20% of the American economy with his creation of Obamacare. He preserved the size and scope of government at all levels during an economic recession, with government experiencing a drop in tax revenues, by borrowing almost a trillion dollars and using the money to prop up the government, especially his liberal friends and allies.

He brought law-suits against states trying to enforce Federal law such as Arizona enforcing laws dealing with  illegal aliens. He refused to support congressional laws such as the Defense of Marriage Act. He strengthened the police power of the government by adding teeth to the USA Patriot Act. His Attorney General Eric Holder ran interference for MERS, the mortgage servicing giant responsible for the robo-signing scandal and a former client of his. He failed to prosecute the corrupt practices of liberal corporations such as Democratic bundler and former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine's MF Global, which cannot account for over a billion dollars. He also failed to prosecute the liberal Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. He failed to promote public policies that would advance oil and natural gas production.

The sum total of Barack Obama's policies has been the institutionalization of lower economic expectations which has contributed to poverty and dependency. His anti-business stance has contributed to stagnation and lack of innovation. His weakness and appeasement abroad has contributed to a weakening of American sovereignty and insecurity in the world. All of these things and more fit hand in glove with the left-wing agenda.

But owning up to these things publicly would lead to his losing the election so then where would he and his allies be. This is why we should expect him to lie. What else can he do?


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