Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Democrats and the Big Lie strategy

The Netroots Nation Convention was held this past June in Providence, Rhode Island. It would be my guess that the Big Lie strategy was introduced to the 3,000 so-called progressives attending this major annual concave for the left. Indeed, their keynote speaker, former Communist Party member Van Jones alluded to the strategy in his well publicized address.

This strategy is not new and the approach was probably based on a recognition that in this election year, President Barack Obama could not run on his economic record which is viewed by the majority of Americans as mediocre at best. Additionally, the cult of personality that lifted Obama to the presidency on 2008 had clearly evaporated as Obama was having trouble filling small venues.

Thus, it was likely determined, the only hope of holding on to power was to claim to be the bearers of truth, to base that claim on a confusing jumble of often misleading and downright false statistics and charts. and to yell LIAR at the Republicans every time they speak. With the liberal echo chamber weighing in, it wouldn't matter whether the charges were true or not. It was probably assumed that Mitt Romney and the Republicans would not play as dirty and would be thrown on the defense defending the so-called lies.

The strategy has already manifested itself. First was the true charge that Romney's claim that Obama was transferring $718 billion dollars out of Medicare and into Obama care was false. Than came the true charge  that Obama was gutting the work requirement for welfare. Paul Ryan recounted the technically true claim that a GM plant was closed in his state of Wisconsin under Obama after candidate Obama had promised to save the plant. The Democrats screeched LIAR when these true statements were uttered and the pitch of the accusation will no doubt become more shrill as the election approaches.

Certainly Republicans and conservatives lie from time to time and when they do they should be called out. The difference, however, between conservatives and the left, which holds a grip on the Democratic Party this year, is that conservatism as an idea is true and therefore does not require lies in order to be supported. The left, conversely, is itself, as an idea and as a philosophy, based on lies and must be supported with lies. That's why, if you're on the left, it is OK to lie.

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