Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Debate II: Obama goes conservative

I can't count the number of times I've debated liberals on my show who responded to the confrontation by effortlessly and seamlessly turning themselves into conservatives. This is because it is much easier to shape-shift than to have to defend or explain their irrational positions on issues or their indefensible beliefs.

This is exactly what President Obama did in Debate II at Hofstra University. Suddenly Obama became the champion of the middle class and small business in spite his lack of any identifiable initiative on their behalf in his four years as president. Suddenly Obama becomes the champion of tax cuts in spite of his fight to raise taxes over the objections of conservative Republicans and Democrats in Congress. And never mind tax-amageddon, the biggest tax increases in history, which are scheduled to kick in next year if he is re-elected.

Notice how Obama stood up for Planned Parenthood, not because they are the largest abortion provider in the country, a word that Obama avoided uttering, but rather because they provide services to women that conservatives support. Notice how Obama stood up for fair wages for women without mentioning that women in his own office earn less than to men doing the same types of jobs.

Obama suddenly became the champion of austerity and budget cutting while he portrayed Mitt Romney as a supporter of increasing the budget deficit by 8 trillion dollars. In other words, it was Obama who was the conservative when it came to deficit spending. Never mind the fact that he increased the National Debt by almost 5 trillion dollars.

On immigration, Obama sallied forth as the strong standard bearer of upholding immigration laws. Never mind that he sued Arizona for attempting to enforce laws that were already on the books at the Federal level. Obama became the advocate of the second amendment in spite of efforts by his State Department to negotiate an international gun ban through the auspices of a U.N. treaty.

The choice comes down to which candidate would be the more conservative president as there appears to be a consensus in this country that conservative policies are what are needed going forward into the next four years. And while there are some legitimate questions regarding Mitt Romney's conservative bona fides, the request should nevertheless be made: Will the real conservative please stand up?


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