Thursday, October 25, 2012

Elizabeth Warren - A despicable person

Only in Massachusetts could a lowlife bottom feeder like Elizabeth Warren ever be considered for high office. Putting aside her hard-core followers, her true believing cadres who would follow her off a cliff, I can understand why many mainstream Massachusetts Democrats are supporting her. They support her because they want revenge against Scott Brown for taking the "Kennedy seat" during the special election two years ago. To accomplish this they have decided to hold their noses and shut their eyes and ears.

Where should I start? It difficult to know when so much about Elizabeth Warren is based upon lies. Let's see. The mediocre Harvard professor and bankruptcy lawyer who has never run for public office before began compiling her fortune while still living in Oklahoma City. She made a ton flipping distressed foreclosed properties by working with local banks. Yet, isn't Elizabeth supposed to stand for banking reform? She then takes on big multinational corporate clients while at Harvard Law. She lists Harvard as her business address while employed as a lawyer by these big corporations, those companies made up of "millionaires and billionaires" even though she was not an active member of the bar in Massachusetts. And all this while she drones on about the top 1% and claims to be the inspiration behind Occupy Wall Street.

And who were those clients who were paying her those six figure sums? Let's see. There was Travelers Insurance which hired her to help them set up a means by which to get immunity from making good on insurance policies that were held by victims of asbestos poisoning, people who had payed into their insurance plans while working for the manufacturer Johns Mansville.  Elizabeth got a quarter of a million bucks helping Travelers set up a separate fund which would've, at best, paid out peanuts to the victims, but which Travelers never funded because they didn't have to after Elizabeth's handiwork. Perhaps Elizabeth thought the clock would run out on those poisoned by asbestos, that they would die before they could witness against her. The victims cry out from the grave for Justice.

Then came the coal-mining company, yes liberals, that's right, you heard right, a big fat corporation making big bucks stripping tops off of mountains while screwing their union. Elizabeth was brought in and paid handsomely to help them screw their union out of their pensions and other benefits over the objection of liberals in Congress including the late Senator Ted Kennedy. Elizabeth hopes that if she keeps shrieking loud enough about her championing the cause of working people nobody will notice. Union brothers and sisters....hello? Anyone home?

Then, finally, comes the coup de grace, at least in terms of what is known, and no doubt there is more that is not known. Elizabeth marches in and grabs a big check to help Dow Chemical Company, a CHEMICAL company for cripessakes, normally enemy number one of the left and the environmentalists. Elizabeth helps them defend themselves against lawsuits being brought by WOMEN. These women were suffering from toxic disease due to exposure from their Dow Chemical breast implants. They sought a small measure of justice, JUSTICE, until good old Elizabeth Warren, friend of the corrupt fat-cats when they line her corrupt and greedy pocket, strides forth and squelches these women. Oh yes, I'm sorry, that's right, Elizabeth is a champion of women don't you know.

We don't even need to go into how she cheated on Affirmative Action in order to get her tenured position at Harvard. This is something I thought liberals cared about. Release the personnel files Liz. The mediocre teacher teaches one class at Harvard, gets 375K per year and a free house. Not a bad gig I would say. No wonder the rest of us are going broke trying to pay for College.

But, I almost forgot to mention, Elizabeth knows how to work the "rigged" system. She knows that if she spits out enough  left-wing slogans she will get a pass. And indeed she has gotten a pass because if this were anyone else they would be long gone. Fellow Massachusetts voters. Please don't disgrace our state and disgrace yourselves. Please don't vote for this lying cheating fraud.

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