Sunday, October 14, 2012

Elizabeth Warren - A Lying Sack

Elizabeth Warren's lies may prove to be even too much for most Massachusetts liberals to stomach.

First we find out that she cheated on Affirmative Action to help her career, something that one would think liberals would be angry about. Then we find out that she made bundles of money flipping mortgages in Oklahoma while railing against mortgage practices. Then she sallies forth in defense of asbestos victims while being paid a quarter of a million dollars from Travelers Insurance, one of the largest insurance companies in the country, in order to grant the corporation immunity from lawsuits being brought against them by their insurance holders with asbestos poisoning.

But it doesn't stop there. She championed the cause of labor unions while she defended a coal mining company trying to stop their union from getting access to their pensions. But, Warren tells us, she champions the cause of the worker against the millionaires and billionaires. She tells us that she was the inspiration for the Occupy Wall Street movement. She bloviates over how the system is rigged while  accepting more corporate money than any candidate for national office this year. But, she tells a Boston Herald reporter, that's because corporations want to be regulated too. What a crock of BS, what a preposterous hypocrite.

Now Warren is viciously attacking her opponent as anti-women. Apparently her handlers told her that she got off a good line against Scott Brown on this issue during one of their debates. So, in a pattern that has been the hallmark of her ugly and poisonous campaign, she launches a divisive and nasty attack against Brown.

Never mind that Brown takes the liberal position on women's issues. Never mind that Brown is pro-choice on Abortion. She appeals to the ignorance of her followers by claiming that Brown voted against the confirmation of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court because Kagan is pro-choice, another damn lie. She criticizes Brown's vote against a bill entitled the "Paycheck Fairness Act" as anti-women when the act was overwhelmingly rejected by both Democrats and Republicans for reasons that had to do with the fact that the law would cause an unprecedented interference by government into the private sector. She condemns Brown for voting in favor of the Blunt Amendment, falsely claiming that this must mean that he opposes birth control. The Blunt Amendment would have simply recognized the right of a private company to choose what coverage they would offer their employees, truly an issue of choice.

But now we find out that Warren accepted a lucrative contract from Dow Chemical Company, a chemical giant and a corporation no less, to help them defend against lawsuits being brought by women who had used their breast implants and had gotten sick. Real champion of women I'd say. I wonder if a Republican or a non left-wing Democrat could survive that revelation.


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