Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's All Over!

In the words of my mentor, the late great radio talk show host Jerry Williams, "It's all over!"

For the first time in four years, perhaps the first time in his life, President Barack Obama stepped into a situation in which he was not protected by a phalanx of adoring syncopates, yes men and women, and by a solid column of lap-dog media figures.

Barack Obama stood alone without his tele-prompter and with a weak and inept moderator Jim Lehrer, who was supposed to run interference but who was shunted aside early on. Obama was forced to stride out onto the field of battle with Mitt Romney, a normal person who is used to the brickbats because that is what has been thrown at him his entire professional life.

Obama spouted all the cliched lies that have become the stock and trade of the left and the Democrats this campaign season and Romney was more than happy to name them as such. Perhaps the best line in the debate was when Romney stated to Obama: "I have no idea what you're talking about!"

Obama exposed himself as a leftist which means that the voters now have a clear choice between two candidates who represent two opposite ideologies. The most glaring problem for Obama, besides the exposure of who he is politically, was the emptiness of his repeated claims that he was going to do all these wonderful things.

Why then, viewers were likely to ask themselves, or their family members sitting on the couch watching and listening, why didn't he do this over the last four years? Why indeed!

Romney will, I predict, win by a landslide. Hallelujah!!!!

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