Sunday, October 28, 2012

Obama going out ugly

The last wretched and pathetic week of the Obama campaign reminds me of the final wimpy gasps of the  campaign of Michael Dukakis back in 1988 when dwindling numbers of left-wingrs crowded around washed up Hollywood actors who were moaning about how "frightened" they were. Now we have a couple of Obama's top 1%er friends over at the mega Ad Agency Goodby, Silverstein creating a commercial in which they employ children to sing a "We are the World" type  ditty asking us to: "Imagine an America Where strip mines are fun and free. Where gays can be fixed And sick people just die  and oil fills the sea."

Here in Boston, we have Boston Phoenix chief political writer David Bernstein predicting that if Romney is elected the atmosphere will become unsustainable due to pollution. And, or course, there is the ongoing war against women being waged by the Republicans. Apparently even this, the centerpiece of the campaign, hasn't gone off all that well given the fact that recent polling indicates that Romney has moved toward closing the gender gap. Maybe women aren't as easily "frightened" as President Obama assumed they would be.

Of course there is the old chestnut, the charge of racism being trotted out by Chris Matthews, a charge that will no doubt grow cacophonous in the final desperate days. Let's examine that very serious charge briefly. Obama won handily in 2008 garnering over 5% over his Republican opponent Senator John McCain. Does this mean that this 4% and over that is now supporting Romney have decided, sometime during these past four years, that they no longer  like African-American men and women? Have they decided that since President Barack Obama is African-American, and since they no longer like African-Americans, they can therefore no longer support Obama as President? Oh yes, that must be why Obama has slipped in the polls.

And then there is the charge of Republicans supporting rape. Oh yes, that's a good one. Last I checked it has been liberal judges, appointed by liberal Democrats, who have been handing down lenient sentences for rapists these past several decades. It was liberals who have decriminalized activities that were once considered rape. I would even venture to speculate, and this is sheer unsupported opinion, that the majority of those accused of rape these past several decades have themselves been liberals.

Expect Obama to throw the kitchen sink at Romney in these last decrepit days of his campaign. Perhaps the one mistake made by the Obama people was to go out with that ad accusing Romney of murder last summer. One would think they would've waited 48 hours before the polls opened for that one.  Well it backfired.

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