Friday, October 19, 2012

PRESS RELEASE: Apostles of Evolution - The Practical Result of the Evolutionary Faith

Apostles of Evolution

The Practical Result of the Evolutionary Faith


Pages: 137
Words: 91,080

MEDIA: Review on Kindle or contact the author at (617) 271-5044

Synopsis:  Apostles of Evolution is about the political and social consequences of the Theory of Evolution. By utilizing the closing statements of William Jennings Bryan in the Scopes Trial, known as the Monkey Trial, the author highlights the relevance and impact of the theory of evolution on politics.  This book is not about creationism per se  but rather focuses on the Theory of Evolution as a political idea and as a governing principle. While the author draws into question the  scientific theory of evolution, this book focuses  on the post-evolutionary emergence of Eugenics, Nazism, and Communism and the role the evolutionary idea played in the development of those political movements.

Bio: Chuck Morse is the host of the radio talk show "Chuck Morse Speaks" and is the author of "The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism" published by WND Books and "A Whig Manifesto" published by TrineDay Books. Morse columns have appeared in The Boston Globe, The Washington Times, The Providence Journal, WND, Newsmax and elsewhere. Morse, who lives in Boston, ran for Congress in 2004 against Rep. Barney Frank.

Review: A very impressive book by a very impressive writer. Keep up the excellent research and writing. Congrats on connecting some very important and truly evil dots for us all. When I tell my socialist-indoctrinated friends over here in the UK that the Nazis were the greenest political system the world had ever seen and that it was they, who invented environmentalism as a way to divorce their conquered people from their countryside in the "Blood and Soil" program, my friends freak big time.   Always fun at parties,
Babe Huggett - Radio Talk Show Host

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