Friday, October 12, 2012

Was Paul Ryan Bullied?

The debate between VP nominees Joe Biden and Paul Ryan reminded me of the debates I've had over the years with left-wingers on my radio show and privately. Left-wingers think nothing of lying and playing dirty because they believe in power and in the principle that anything goes to keep their power. Regarding the Biden-Ryan debate I read a post-debate tweet from a left-wing talk show host who claimed that Biden "creamed" Ryan. From a left prospective he is right.

Biden did everything he could to dominate the debate and to stop Ryan from talking including constant rude interruptions and the assumption of variations of the type of ugly and insulting mannerisms that I've seen left-wingers take on in similar situations including smirking, smiling, cooing, gurgling, giggling, waving his arms and throwing out weird slang expressions. In other words, in true revolutionary fashion, Biden jumped ugly on Ryan.

Paul Ryan, like most conservatives, is a normal person who chose to focus on issues and statistics. But this is where Ryan, like most conservatives in similar situations, fell short in the field of battle. As difficult as it is, conservatives have to be prepared to play as dirty as the left and Ryan's approach was all too decent. Thus Ryan perhaps forfeited he field to the bully Biden.

This does not by any means mean that Ryan lost the debate or that his performance in any way negatively affected the Romney-Ryan momentum. That remains to be seen. Hopefully, the voters will look beyond what the media is focused on which is the style and the appearances of the candidates and the horse-race. Instead, hopefully, the voter will ask which side they trust more to deal with unemployment, rising prices, and  looming problems of the coming years such as the effects of the exploding debt and deficit and the nuclear development in Iran.

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