Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What the left doesn't get about Romney

The left has been honest in how they depict Mitt Romney and their honesty is their biggest weakness. But they don't get it. Their attack against Romney accentuates his biggest asset which is that Mitt Romney is a successful businessman.

What they don't get is that most of us want America to get back to work as a nation and as an economy. We want the type of economic expansion that has taken place in previous generations but that has eluded America these past four years. We want businesses to invest again, to expand, to create goods and services, and to create jobs. We admire successful businessmen like Mitt Romney. We understand that the best way to address poverty and other social ills is through improving business. Mitt Romney, the businessman/politician , represents the aspirations of most Americans.

We realize that when Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren, and other liberal Democrats attack business and successful businessmen they are attacking us. We don't believe them when they tell us that raising taxes is a virtue because we know that they are wasting our hard earned tax money. We don't believe them when they talk about expanding the national debt with another "stimulus," because we know they are going to borrow against our future, at interest paid to their liberal friends on Wall Street, to hand over the money to their corporate cronies and to support the bogus jobs of government hacks. We realize that the government has more than enough money to carry forth with the programs that we want.

When they attack Mitt Romney as a successful businessman they expose the part of themselves that has always been an alien import from Europe. Leftism has never caught on in America because Americans are rugged individualists. We want to be successful and self sufficient and this is especially true of those of us who are struggling. Mitt Romney personifies this and, in this sense, he personifies the classic American archetype.

We see how empty the liberal attack on Mitt Romney is. After all, Romney achieved his success by hard work. The archetype of the successful liberal, by contrast, is former Democratic Presidential nominee John  Kerry, the richest Congressman in history. He made his billion from his second wife's first husband's trust fund. The Kennedy's are another example. Never worked a day in their lives. They inherited their wealth from their grandfather who made it from boot-legging. Prince Al Gore is another one.

The most vulgar example of left-wing deception this campaign season is the left's new hero, the champion of the masses Elizabeth Warren, running for the Senate in Massachusetts. While denigrating "big corporations" and "millionaires and billionaires" Warren was paid a quarter of a million by Travelers insurance to screw workers with asbestos poisoning. She was paid by a coal producer to screw union workers and she was hired by Dow Chemical to screw women who were seeking damages after being poisoned by their toxic breast implants.

No, the left just doesn't get it.

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