Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Why would anyone vote for Obama?

Chuck Morse Speaks 

Other than the small cadre of ideologues on the far left why would anyone vote for Obama?We are in the middle of the worst recession since before World War II. More people are unemployed and more people are poor than at any time since then. More people are on public assistance than at any time in history. The national debt and deficit is at its highest level in history as well and this endangers the future of all of us.

At best, Obama has done nothing to address these problems, at worst his policies have made things worse. It was, after all, Obama who borrowed the trillion dollar stimulus money which added to the deficit and did nothing to alleviate unemployment or stimulate business. A better stimulus package, one that would've pumped as much money into the economy without the debt and without the crony capitalism, would've been a moratorium on taxes. Energy prices are soaring at the gas pump and in terms of heating oil as winter approaches.

America's position in the world is less stable since Obama came into office with Islamic terrorists murdering out ambassador in Benghazi, Libya, with the Muslim Brotherhood takeover in Egypt and with Civil War in Syria. Obama escalated in Afghanistan and this has led to more American casualties and more deficit spending. Obama has failed to articulate Americas moral position, unlike his predecessors in times of crisis, FDR, Reagan, Bush jr., Lincoln, and this has contributed to world instability. Obama has done nothing to address the trade deficit and the drain of American jobs and capital overseas.

So why vote for Obama? Could it be a vote for what will be the largest tax increase in American history, which will be implemented starting in 2013 with Obama-Care and the expiration of the Bush tax cuts? Could it be for the increased regulation of business and our personal lives in terms of health care rationing and death panels? Could it be for more executive orders such as the one Obama declared that would place the "means of production" into the hands of the president in the event of a "national emergency?"

Please tell me, potential Obama voter, exactly what Obama has done, and what you think he will do to deserve your vote?


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