Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hail Obama!

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The Drudge Report today has a link to The Weekly Standard Blog where Mike Synan, a reporter at WOFL FOX 35 claims in a tweet that he witnessed a crowd attending a speech delivered by Michelle Obama in Daytona, Florida where he heard people chanting "Hail Obama."

Synan tweets:
Minutes later, he repeated his claim:
Are left-wing cadres who are going down with the good ship Obama showing their true colors?

Other news items on today's Drudge Report seem to also resonate with a Hail Obama point of view, one that contains more than a whiff of similarity, dare I suggest, with the radical leftist movement known as National Socialism.

Drudge is carrying several items that indicate a cover-up of the murders of Americans in Benghazi on September 11th 2012. Apparently Ambassador Christopher Stevens had cabled the State Department and other government agencies a month before the attack seeking help. The Navy Seals had, according to a report delivered by Newt Gingrich, shined lasers at various sites assuming the American military, stationed nearby, would take action and save them. According to Gingrich, the military was ordered to "stand down" and do nothing while the Americans were slaughtered. Gingrich claims that the major media knew this but is not reporting on it until after the election if ever. This is certainly socialistic at least in spirit as the media is acting as if it were publicly owned as it would be in any radical socialist country whether it be Nazi Socialist Germany or Soviet Socialist Russia.

Drudge is carrying a link to an article from The Examiner that reports on a fund-raising letter sent out by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee calling for Obama's re-election and Democrat control of Congress in order to get "single payer" government run health care. This is a classic National Socialist idea as Nazi Germany had comprehensive government run health care and the state absolutely made decisions as to who lived and who died as we all know. The ultimate dream of the Socialists, public ownership over human life in the name of progress. On that vein, Drudge carry's a link to Americans for Tax Reform which reports that the IRS will require a health report filed by every taxpayer as part of the Obamacare Mandate starting in 2013.

Drudge carry's a link to McClatchy which reports that many Catholic priests will be reading a letter critical of Obama this Sunday as part of their sermon. I wonder if Obama will cart them all away to a concentration camp for "violating the Constitution." I've talked to enough leftists to state that this is not far off from what they expect.

I'm not suggesting that Obama and his leftist followere are Nazis, they are not that far left and hopefully never will be. I'm only observing the ideological similarities

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