Thursday, November 1, 2012

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Noon: Open Lines with Chuck Morse and Sam Blumenfeld. Chuck and Sam discuss the impending election and Chucks new book "The Monkey File" now available at the Chuck Morse Speaks Blog.

Mike Iwaniwicz from Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church is co-hosting. Noon: Mike Billington - Lyndon LaRouche Group. 1pm Rev. Michael Bresciani - American Prophet Please join the conversation:  347-327-8749

1:00 PM - Harmon Kaslow - Producer of Atlas Shrugged Part II.

Murray Holland - The Debt Trap Sam Blumenfeld - NEA Trojan Horse in American Education

Lowell Ponte - Economist Mike Iwanowicz - Catholic Deacon

Noon: John Wohlstetter - Senior fellow at the Discovery Institute and author of: Sleepwalking with the Bomb" will discuss tonights foreign policy debate between President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney.


Open Lines

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