Friday, January 11, 2013

Facebook exchange with high school friend George B.

Here we are... the country is moving along a bumpy road.... and what all of a sudden happens? We get a TV network that starts wholesaling lies and distortions.

Yes, I agree. CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC. I remember, and I'm sure you do as well, when things were a lot less "bumpy," when old Uncle Walter Chronkite used to intone "and that's the way it is" and the other 2 networks would follow along like lap dogs. NYT writer Douglas Brinkley just released a biography about Chronkite where he spills the beans in terms of how left-wing he was and how he slanted the news.

Yes, now we have much more diversity of opinion with the sucess of Fox News, the only network that leans to the right, along with Talk Radio and the Internet. Sure it's a lot more "bumpy" but isn't that what it should be?

Unions are fading away all on their own.... and the all of a sudden we have a concerted effort to DESTROY them.

I happen to be pro Union as a former member of Local 24 in Boston. Indeed a large portion of the rank and file were conservatives like me and unlike the rotten and corrupt left-wing bosses.

What your talking about here, indirectly of course, is PUBLIC UNIONS which exist on the public dime and which have become in many cases more powerful than our elected government officials. The public unions are choking cities and towns across the country as they divert taxpayer resources that might otherwise go to things the taxpayers want.

This is a bi-partisan issue, by the way, even though the Democrats are much more quiet since they recieve over 90% of the public unions money and the public unions helped put many of them in office. I say bi-partisan because I noted that last year the Massachusetts House of Representatives voted almost unanamously to end collective bargaining for Public Unions. You would have to go to Pyongyang to find a more left-wing group.

We have moderates (like me) who went out of their way to help support two important wars in the Middle East, but now when the poor and needy are in the worst jam they have been since the Great Depression, we have the GOP trying to SHAFT THE HELL out of the poor.

And what has Obama done? The highest sustained unemployment rate since the Great Depression, a rate that has particularly hit the African--American community. Obama's legacy so far has been his championing raising taxes, raising the debt ceiling, and spending trillions of dollars on his corporate friends. There are more food stamps being issued now than ever before. There are more anti-business regulations coming down the pike which further surpress the economy and reduce the number of jobs created. More people are being paid not to work which doesn't help the truly needy. This institutionalizes poverty.

When more people than ever have no access to health care because they don't have work...

Thank Obama and stop blaming George Bush who long ago retired to his ecologically correct and modest ranch in Texas. Thand Obama's health insurance and health provider friends, most of whom are liberal Democrats, for rigging the system.

the GOP wants to KILL a CONSERVATIVE plan for health care....

The plan may have started out conservative, when it was on the drawing board at the Heritige Foundation in the 1980's, but that was before the mandates, the taxes, and the death panels.

and argue about the need to save on taxes, but NOT if it's going to cost the Very Wealthy a single dollar in extra taxes which they are the ones most able to afford it.

It is quite naieve to think that the very rich would pay much more in taxes as evidenced by the braying of liberal Democrat Warren Buffet complaining that he pais less than his secretary while owing billions in back taxes. Then there is liberal Democrat John Kerry, worth around a billion, who dodges Massachusetts luxery taxes by registering his million dollar boat in Newport Rhode Island. Then there is the Kennedy's who have their estate tied up in trusts. Most of these "millionaires and billionaires" are on the left, as evidenced by Forbes Magazine Top 100 richest Americans.

The Tea Party makes ZERO sense to me.

They simply stand for controlling government corruption and spending.

They appear to be driven by HATE and GREED. And frankly, I'm sick to death of it.

The left really needs to take a hard look in the mirror before they start throwing out charges of hate and greed. Sigmund Freud established the concept of "projecting" which is when a person or group projects their own orientation on their opponent. Need I say more?

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