Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Reaping the Fabian Harvest

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From the perspective of the Fabians in the Obama Administration, including President Obama himself, the contraction in the US economy, as reported for the fourth quarter of 1012, is actually good news. This means that the United States is on the right path toward economic and eventual political convergence with the rest of the world. In the Age of Obama, American exceptionalism is a bad thing because it runs against the Fabian principle of de-facto equality for all nations and for all of mankind.

The Fabians, in the tradition of good socialists, will do and say almost anything to obtain and maintain power and to achieve their goals which is why Obama and his media industrial complex was able to pull off the Big Lie when they reported a drop in unemployment about a week before Election Day, 2012 and a hotly contested and close election. Mitt Romney, a more conventional American politician and businessman who was not experienced in handling the big lie, failed to unmask the lie and thus unwittingly did his country a disservice. Romney suffered from naivete and from being too nice a guy.

The Fabians, who represent slow creeping socialism, have been active in American politics and culture since the early decades of the 20th Century. They opposed the more radical socialist approach of the Bolsheviks and the Nazis. Rather than seeking to change society through bloody revolution, the Fabians operate within the law by changing the meaning of words and thus changing the defacto meaning of the law. The Fabians use language, instead of weapons, as the vehicle to change politics and culture in their own authoritarian image. The tell-tale sign of Fabian deception is by their use of euphemisms, complicated sounding sophistries, and at times a language that almost consists of code.

Barack Obama, while by no means the first, is nevertheless the most openly committed Fabian president in American history. The thrust of his work so far, viewed as “progressive” when understood in the Fabian context, has been the expansion of the national debt, the raising of taxes and rewards to corporate friends and special interests. Obama has dramatically expanded the socialistic nanny state with his creation of Obama-care which will entangle the government into the private doctor-patient relationship to an unprecedented degree. Obama asks us to join him in his glorious quest to raise taxes and spend more trillions by raising the debt ceiling and he tells us that his opponents are bad because they stand for “gridlock.” 

While Obama should be congratulated for continuing the war against the radical Islamists, as the gradualist Fabians reject radicalism, he has nevertheless presided over the destabililization of the Middle East. More fundamentally, he has not stood for American exceptionalism in the world and has not contrasted our superior way of life with the more regressive and authoritarian nations. By failing to do this he has supported the degrading conditions that exist in socialistic countries. It has been an American tradition carried out by every president from Washington to G.W.Bush to tout the superiority of the American system and to contrast our system with the those nations that do not share our experience with the institutions of freedom.

Thus Obama weakens America domestically and abroad. As counter-Fabians we must take back the high ground gradually by exposing euphemisms and lies. The Republican Party must get back to its Whig roots as established by Alexander Hamilton and Abraham Lincoln. Americans must stand for political, economic and cultural nationalism as opposed to the Democratic politics of artificial divisions and nannyism. 

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