Friday, February 8, 2013

How to Take Back the Public Schools

How to Take Back the Public Schools
by Samuel L. Blumenfeld
As you all know, the public schools are controlled by the radical left.  How far left?  The Association of Teacher Educators has invited unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers to be a keynote speaker at their annual meeting this month.  These are the people who educate our teachers!  If we conservatives want to take back the schools, we must go on the offensive.  We cannot do it from the top down. We must start at the bottom, and this can be done by encouraging young conservatives to run for school boards as a start of their political careers.  Then we must create an Association of Conservative School Board Members.

The left took control of our schools because they were organized and had a well-thought-out plan.  We must do the same.  Some years ago when I was on a speaking tour in Montana, I met a conservative individual who had just been elected to the local school board.  But he had no idea what to do as a board member.  Had there been an Association of Conservative School Board Members with an agenda, he would have known what to do.  We can change that by electing conservative school board members and having an organization with a well-planned  conservative agenda that parents will want to see implemented.
First item on the agenda should be to change the way reading is taught in our schools.  The present methods create functional illiteracy among a third of the students. We must make sure that every child in the district is taught to read with intensive phonics.  Parents will back us in this endeavor.  They all want their children to be able to read at a high level of literacy.

The radical left is using the schools to turn American children into liberal Democrats.  One third of the students become the low-knowledge functional illiterates that the Democrat community organizers get to the polls.  We must bring this dumbing down process to a halt.

A Conservative educational agenda can revive the kind of education that produces patriotic young Americans with knowledge of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  We can also get religious morality back in the schools by having the students read the works of our Founding Fathers and the prayers uttered by past Presidents in their Inaugural addresses.  And much more can be done to improve every aspect of the public school curriculum.

My point is that none of this can be done without organization and planning.  I hope that there are enough young conservatives willing to run for school boards and willing to work with others in a concerted effort to fight the radical left who are molding the minds of American children.  It can be done if we will it to be done.
We cannot take back the schools from the top down. But we can begin working at the entry level:  school board elections.  Local taxpayers finance these schools and still have the right to elect school committee members.  And that’s where conservatives can begin to win and destroy the evil monopoly the radical left has over our education system.

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