Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bring Back the Palmer Raids

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In the aftermath of the radical Islamo-Communist terror bombing of Boston, and a subsequent spate of near misses and evacuations across the country, it is appropriate to look back and consider the measures that were taken in similar circumstances in 1919 by A. Mitchell Palmer, the liberal Democratic Quaker Pacifist Attorney General who served in the liberal Democratic administration of President Woodrow Wilson.

Following the 1917 Bolshevik coup in Russia, pro-Soviet anarchists launched a campaign of bombing and assassination against American officials, judges, and prominent citizens. On August 20, 1918, Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin issued a fatwa against the United States of America in his “Letter to American Workers.” Lenin called on his American sleeper cells to “play an exceptionally important role as uncompromising enemies of American imperialism” by launching a “civil war against the bourgeoisie.”

April 28, 1919, a Bolshevik bomb was dismantled at the home of Seattle Mayor Ole Hanson. The next day, a Bolshevik bomb ripped the hands off of an employee of Georgia Senator Thomas Hardwick and severely burned his wife. A few days later, on May Day, 1919, 34 bombs were intercepted before reaching their targets which included such leading figures as Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, North Carolina Senator Lee S. Overman, Utah Senator William H. King, Postmaster General Albert Berlson, and John D. Rockefeller. On that same day, coordinated violent and seditious riots were launched in several American cities including Boston. The next day a bomb ripped through a municipal building in Brownsville Pennsylvania.

On June 2, 1919 eight American cities were bombed simultaneously by Soviet sympathizing anarchists. Bombs exploded at the homes of Boston Judge A. F. Hayden and at the Newton, Massachusetts, home of State Representative Leland Powers. A bomb was defused at the office of Cleveland Mayor Harry L. Davis and two bombs exploded in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, one next to the home of Federal Judge J. Thomson and the other next to the home of immigration official W.W. Sibray. In New York City, the home of Judge Charles C. Nott was bombed killing night patrolman William Goshner and an unidentified man in what the New York Times referred to as an “infernal killing machine.” In Philadelphia, the Our Lady of Victory Roman Catholic Church and the Frankfort Arsenal were bombed. On that day bombs exploded at the homes of prominent citizens in Patterson and East Orange New Jersey.

Most significantly from a political standpoint, a huge bomb ripped through the front of the Georgetown home of Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer. The terrorist planting the bomb was killed when he tripped running from the scene. Palmer and his young family were not hurt in the assassination attempt. The massive explosion caused windows to shatter at the neighboring home of Palmer’s close friend and political associate, Under Secretary of the Navy Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who ran out to help.

Palmer acted swiftly by establishing a special unit to investigate the terrorists and he put 24-year-old liberal Democrat J. Edgar Hoover in charge. The special unit, which would become the FBI, proceeded to round up more than 10,000 suspected alien terrorists over the next seven months. By January 1920, 247 alien terrorists had been deported. Those who could not be deported due to insufficient evidence were released.

Nine months later, September 1920, pro-Soviet anarchists bombed Wall Street killing 40 commuters and injuring more than 400 in an explosion that would make the Boston Marathon bombing look like a fire-cracker in comparison. The street was littered with dismembered corpses and puddles of blood. The pro-Soviet jihadists were secular radicals, most of who had recently emigrated from Europe, who were trying to destabilize America with a new kind of warfare. They called their terrorist acts the “propaganda of the deed.” Their garden of Allah was socialism and anarchy.

The Wilson administration broke the back of the terrorist infrastructure and the result was relative peace and security for several generations. Contrary to the propaganda of the terrorist sympathizers, this was accomplished lawfully and with an impressive degree of restraint. Alien terrorists and their alien enablers were deported, the threat was suppressed, and civil liberties were preserved.

The Wilson administration response to the emergency went a long way toward sparing this country from the type of chaos and violence that plagued Europe at the time, violence and chaos that contributed to the enthronement of National Socialism in Germany. President Wilson articulated his counterterrorism policy in his December 1919 message to Congress: “Let us be frank about this solemn matter, the evidences of the world-wide unrest which manifest themselves in violence throughout the world bid us pause and consider the means to be found to stop the spread of this contagious thing before it saps the very vitality of the nation itself.”

The Islamo-Communists of today are more dangerous than were the Anarchist- Communists of 1919-1920 because of their indiscriminate terror tactics. Rather than targeting specific people for murder, as did the Anarchist-Communists, the Islamo- Communists kill as many Americans as they possibly can as was the case at the Boston Marathon. Wilson recognized the subversive threat the alien anarchists posed to America and he chose to crush the conspiracy in an entirely lawful manner. No alien has a right to reside in the United States, or in any sovereign state according to norms of international law and custom. Like the FBI of 1919-1920, the FBI today should roundup aliens suspected of involvement in the terrorist conspiracy and, after a process of determining the nature of the involvement, those found to have been involved in aiding or abetting terrorism should be swiftly deported. 


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FYI, communists are atheists.

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Communists are atheists... except for their religously fanatic devotion to secularism.