Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Elizabeth Warren - Corrupt corporate hack becomes Party hack

The former Harvard Professor who received tenure by abusing affirmative action, the former corrupt corporate hack and insider fixer Elizabeth Warren has transformed herself, since being elected to the US Senate, into a shameful Democratic Party stooge. There she stood, on the day after the atrocity at the Boston Marathon, at a press conference where she took the opportunity to praise President Obama profusely and to let us all know what a wonderful job he is doing. No mention of the three people brutally murdered in the bombing. No mention of the over a dozen people fighting for their lives who had their limbs blown off. Barely a mention of the incredible work being done by law enforcement at all levels or the brave and selfless work of Boston volunteers who rose to the occasion. I’m sure President Obama is doing a great job but even he must have cringed with embarrassment at this level of blatant butt kissing.

Since being elected, the former corrupt corporate lawyer, who got a big check from Dow Chemical to stop women who were trying to get a little  justice after being contaminated with toxic chemicals leeching out of their breast implants, has focused on raising dough for Democratic candidates. In one of her first acts in Congress, she set up a PAC to raise money for Democratic congressional candidates to run against her Republican colleagues in Congress. While there is nothing wrong with raising money for Democrats or Republicans it is obviously unseemly for a sitting US Senator to be doing it and to then expect to conduct the business required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and by the nation by working with Republicans to get things done.

At least she doesn’t appear to have put her hand in the till yet which was not the case when she was flipping foreclosed-on mortgages back home in Oklahoma City. Back then she made bundles of money turning people out of their homes, including a woman with children whose husband was serving in Iraq, people who fell late on their mortgages, so she could make a quick buck. No doubt she was working with the banks, members of the same industry that she smugly and sanctimoniously railed against during her campaign.

Oh yes, the champion of the little guy, the hero of those who are just seeking a place at the table, also took big checks from an insurance company trying to dodge claims from victims of asbestos cancer and from a manufacturer trying to screw their union employees.  The inside fixer also got a tidy sum from you and I, the working taxpayer, for setting up the ironically named Consumer Protection Bureau, ironic given Warren’s stellar record of protecting consumers. President Obama had enough sense to pass her over when it came time to appoint a head of that new agency. He probably knows some things about her that the rest of us don’t.

This brings me to my fellow Massachusetts voters. I understand that Massachusetts is a liberal state that elects liberals to office but I expected more discernment even from my fellow Massachusetts citizens, even though they are liberal. I expected them to at least notice the enormous sums of corporate cash pouring into her campaign from out of state, more corporate moolah for a state candidate than any in Massachusetts history. But, alas, they elected this consummate liar, this faker who was getting over 300K per year and a free house from Harvard to teach one class. Now we’ll have to listen to her drone on incessantly about campaign finance reform and the millionaires and billionaires. Thus, for the next six years Massachusetts will have to endure disgrace and humiliation as we become a laughing-stock. For one, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to my fellow Americans on behalf of my state for inflicting this travesty of a Senator on the rest of the country. 

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