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1. Morse For Congress... The Man To Stop Barney Frank
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2. It's Official: Morse Vs. Frank In 2004
Home Page Two News Portal Forum Stocks Weather Links IT'S OFFICIAL: MORSE VS. FRANK IN 2004 By: Samuel L. Blumenfeld Chuck Morse, the intrepid radio...
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3. Conservative Radio Host... Set To Challenge Barney Frank
Home Page Two News Portal Forum Stocks Weather Links CONSERVATIVE RADIO HOST SET TO CHALLENGE BARNEY FRANK By: Samuel L. Blumenfeld Boston radio...
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JEWS AND GUNS REJECTING RABBI CHIEL'S LIBERAL-LEFT VIEWS By: Chuck Morse A typical example of a Liberal-Left, American Jewish attitude toward Second...
URL: http://etherzone.com/2000/mors080700.html - 14KB
5. Politicians Exploit America's Weakness
POLITICIANS EXPLOIT AMERICA'S WEAKNESS PLAYING ON OUR DIVERSITY By: Chuck Morse Our republic is more racially, ethnically, religiously and culturally...
URL: http://etherzone.com/2000/mors031000.html - 13KB
6. Fanning the Flames of Racism
FANNING THE FLAMES OF RACISM JESSE JACKSON'S RACE AGENDA By: Chuck Morse Marxist theoretician and African nationalist Frans Fannon, in the early 20th...
URL: http://etherzone.com/2000/mors030600.html - 14KB
7. Nazi Founder of Planned Parenthood
NAZI FOUNDER OF PLANNED PARENTHOOD "THE ELIMINATION OF HUMAN WEEDS" By: Chuck Morse To understand the abortion agenda today we need look no...
URL: http://etherzone.com/2000/mors061400.html - 15KB
8. Predictions From the Left... A Religious War In America?
PREDICTIONS FROM THE LEFT A RELIGIOUS WAR IN AMERICA? By: Chuck Morse While I have not yet seen articles on this, two left-wing friends asserted to...
URL: http://etherzone.com/2001/mors011201.html - 15KB
9. The Question of Anti-semitism... A Transformation of Terms
THE QUESTION OF ANTI-SEMITISM A TRANSFORMATION OF TERMS By: Chuck Morse Seems like every time I use the word "anti-Semitism" in a column, I...
URL: http://etherzone.com/2001/mors081701.shtml - 10KB
10. Un-american Activities... Bring Back the House Committee
UN-AMERICAN ACTIVITIES BRING BACK THE HOUSE COMMITTEE By: Chuck Morse The U.S. Congress has an honored history of investigating criminal and...
URL: http://etherzone.com/2001/mors121101.shtml - 11KB
"NOT IN OUR NAME" FROM A LEFTIST PERSPECTIVE By: Chuck Morse "Not in our Name" was a recent banner headline in the official...
URL: http://etherzone.com/2001/mors112601.shtml - 11KB
12. The Sovereignty of Israel... Demanding Unconditional Surrender
THE SOVEREIGNTY OF ISRAEL DEMANDING UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER By: Chuck Morse The endless arguments, going back over 50 years, concerning the...
URL: http://etherzone.com/2001/mors062801.shtml - 11KB
13. Through Anger and Tears... On This Thanksgiving
THROUGH ANGER AND TEARS ON THIS THANKSGIVING By: Chuck Morse Through anger and tears I’m thankful this Thanksgiving for the many blessings that...
URL: http://etherzone.com/2001/mors112701.shtml - 11KB
14. Is the Income Tax Fair? We Are Getting Royally Screwed
IS THE INCOME TAX FAIR? WE ARE GETTING ROYALLY SCREWED By: Chuck Morse The income tax turns most Americans into wage slaves. The super rich, people...
URL: http://etherzone.com/2001/mors042301.shtml - 11KB
15. Fighting Satan... The Bin Laden Clones Worldwide
FIGHTING SATAN THE BIN LADEN CLONES WORLDWIDE By: Chuck Morse Osama bin Laden is only the latest in a rogues gallery of modern day satanic socialists...
URL: http://etherzone.com/2001/mors121901.shtml - 11KB
16. Is Islam Violent? -- The Religious Muslim Movement
IS ISLAM VIOLENT? THE RELIGIOUS MUSLIM MOVEMENT By: Chuck Morse As Americans we are steeped in republican values such as limited government,...
URL: http://etherzone.com/2001/mors101901.shtml - 11KB
17. More Demented Ideology From the Left... The Onward March of Moral Equivalence
MORE DEMENTED IDEOLOGY FROM THE LEFT THE ONWARD MARCH OF MORAL EQUIVALENCE By: Chuck Morse In a New York Times editorial entitled "Condemnation...
URL: http://etherzone.com/2001/mors102401.shtml - 11KB
18. Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself... A Contemptuous and Hateful View
LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF A CONTEMPTUOUS AND HATEFUL VIEW By: Chuck Morse My liberal friend takes umbrage over the dreaded G word, the word...
URL: http://etherzone.com/2001/mors080101.shtml - 11KB
19. Sharon's War Cannot Be Won... Palestinian Pitches Moral Equivalence
SHARON'S WAR CANNOT BE WON PALESTINIAN PITCHES MORAL EQUIVALENCE By: Chuck Morse Ali Abuminah of the Arab American Action Network, in a New York...
URL: http://etherzone.com/2001/mors121401.shtml - 11KB
20. The World of Islam... And the World War
THE WORLD OF ISLAM AND THE WORLD WAR By: Chuck Morse Islamic fundamentalists have launched a Jihad against the entire non-Muslim world. This Jihad is...
URL: http://etherzone.com/2001/mors100901.shtml - 11KB
21. Executive Privilege... Egregious Abuses of Power
EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE EGREGIOUS ABUSES OF POWER By: Chuck Morse The claim of "executive privilege" was first invoked by President Dwight D....
URL: http://etherzone.com/2001/mors052801.shtml - 11KB
22. Those Beastly Americans: The Left and the Death Penalty
THOSE BEASTLY AMERICANS: THE LEFT AND THE DEATH PENALTY By: Chuck Morse The only significant protests at the execution of Timothy McVeigh were from...
URL: http://etherzone.com/2001/mors061901.shtml - 11KB
23. The Difference Between Us and Them... Traitors To American Ideals and Interests
THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN US AND THEM TRAITORS TO AMERICAN IDEALS AND INTERESTS By: Chuck Morse While we may not always "live up to the true...
URL: http://etherzone.com/2001/mors102601.shtml - 11KB
LIBERAL SNEERING AT YOUR MONEY TAX REBATE & THE GROWTH OF GOVERNMENT By: Chuck Morse Liberals are sneering at President George W. Bush’s tax...
URL: http://etherzone.com/2001/mors090601.shtml - 11KB
25. Israel and the American Jewish Left... Party Line Jargon and Undigested Slogans
ISRAEL AND THE AMERICAN JEWISH LEFT PARTY LINE JARGON AND UNDIGESTED SLOGANS By: Chuck Morse While the opinions expressed by my left-wing Jewish...
URL: http://etherzone.com/2001/mors082101.shtml - 11KB
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