Monday, May 6, 2013

Mass. Dem Senate Candidate Jumps Ugly on Republican opponent

Descending to a new low in Massachusetts, Democrat Rep. Ed Markey, running for the U. S. Senate seat vacated by John Kerry, has disgraced himself with an ad that places a picture of his opponent, decorated former Navy SEAL Gabriel Gomez next to Osama ben Laden.

If Ed Markey was in possession of even a shred of decency he would publicly apologize to Gomez for this outrageous insult against a man in uniform, a man who has served his country with honor and distinction....

This ugly and disgusting slur on the reputation of a decorated veteran is a new low in Massachusetts politics. If this type of sewer politics is not responded to, and it is highly unlikely that it will be mentioned by the liberal Massachusetts media which will stop at nothing to insure that the liberal Democrat Markey wins, than nasty tactic this will become a national trend for Democrats as the 2014 mid-term election approaches. If Markey is not held to account for this dirty and despicable smear, Democrats will be emboldened and will run amuck with impunity with these types of desperate tactics. This gutter politics will become par for the course as Americans start to wake up and feel the pinch of Obamacare which will start to kick in this year. 
The Markey ad, which ran on MSNBC, criticizes OPSEC, a group of Navy SEAL’s, which includes Gomez, for claiming that President Obama had revealed national security secrets pertaining to the bin-Laden operation in order to score political points in his re-election campaign. OPSEC claimed that Obama, by revealing information about the operation, risked turning the bin Laden killing into “an intelligence disaster.”
In classic agit-prop style, Markey and his left-wing echo chamber  is falsely claiming that OPSEC is made up exclusively of Republicans and is itself motivated by politics. Whether or not OPSEC is political, Markey, the 35 year incumbent congressmen with an undistinguished career and who is not well known or well liked outside his district, has demonstrated the nerve to put up a picture of Gomez, his opponent, a graduate of Harvard Business School and a successful businessman whose parents immigrated to this country from Columbia, next to the villain of 9/11.
No doubt the liberal Massachusetts Democrats, with possible assistance from national Democrats  will close ranks, lock-step, behind Markey. The Democrats realize that a Gomez victory would likely have the same effect as the victory of Republican Scott Brown in the 2010 special election for the Senate in Massachusetts, an effect that would shake the Democratic Party to its core, like an earthquake, as the 2014 mid-term elections approach next year. 

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