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Attack on Snowden a Deliberate Distraction

Attack on Snowden a Deliberate Distraction

Scott Wheeler

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Scott Wheeler CREDS
-As an expert analyst, he frequently appears on Fox News Channel, MSNBC, CNN, CNBC,CBS, & a host of others

-Author, Promoting Decline: Obama vs. America

-Author, Shadow Government: What Obama Doesn't Want You to Know About His Czars

-Executive Director of the National Republican Trust PAChttp://nationalrepublicantrust.com/staff.html
-Former television producer and investigative journalist, focusing on domestic and international security issues, and produced and consulted on many television documentaries.
-An expert on the most crucial issues facing national security - from the war zones in the former Yugoslavia, to the drug fields of South America and following the trails of international arms smugglers to Canada, Europe and the Middle East.
-A veteran of the U.S. Army infantry.
Attack on Snowden a Deliberate Distraction
Investigative journalist Scott Wheeler, author of Promoting Decline: Obama vs. America and Shadow Government: What Obama Doesn't Want You to Know About His Czars, applauds the courageous actions of whistleblower Edward Snowden for revealing the fact that the NSA has been snooping on tens of millions of Americans by checking phone records and spying on emails. Wheeler played an instrumental role in uncovering a Hamas cell operating inside the United States and in exposing the activities of a South American drug cartel. 
Wheeler accuses the Obama Administration of attempting to distract the public and of changing the subject by turning Snowden’s attempt at seeking asylum into an international diplomatic disaster. Snowden humiliated Obama by exposing the fact that he took what was a conservative and appropriate program under President Bush, one that was checking the phone records of calls coming in from places like Yemen, and turning it into the largest program of domestic spying in history. Rather than targeting reasonable suspects, we now know, thanks to Snowden, that Obama has blanketed the entire country for surveillance.  
Obama wants us to pay attention to Snowden, the messenger, and not to the virtual police state that has developed under his administration.  This is a classic game of bait and switch, one that undermines American credibility regarding our criticism of the big government control tactics of nations such as China and Russia. 
Meanwhile, the NSA continues to operate and possibly expand its domestic spying right under our noses as we look the other way.  
Scott Wheeler is an accomplished and diverse investigative reporter, having written two books and worked in many mediums as a newspaper reporter and editor, as well as chief correspondent for American Investigator Television Magazine.  As a filmmaker he has produced 17 television documentaries, and has consulted on more than a dozen others.  At least two times Wheeler’s reports have been on the desk of the President of the United States, and have invoked investigations by national federal agencies, as well as by foreign governments. 

Among his investigative breakthroughs, Wheeler has worked undercover to reveal:
The internal operations of the terrorist group Hamas within the United States, leading to several suspects named in the reports to be arrested;
A weapons of mass destruction pipeline run out of the Middle East, as he posed undercover as an arms-dealer in 1998 and 1999. 

Prior to becoming a journalist, Wheeler served in the US Army for two years, later returning to the Army National Guard and immediately volunteering for active duty service in 2005 and 2006.  As a student, Wheeler played college football and after returning from Army duty was a high school head football coach for one year.  
With a sincere interest to restore America to its core moral system of values and in an effort to reverse the politicization of the government body, Wheeler created and now heads the National Republican Trust PAC (GOPTrust) and National Investigative Media.  Using his investigative prowess, coupled with his extensive knowledge of government and history, Wheeler is able to provide the American people the essential information they need in selecting their government representatives. 

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