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C. Edmund Wright

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C. Edmund Wright CREDS
C. Edmund Wright is the author of the new book,
WTF? How Karl Rove and the Establishment Lost…Again
Also of You Might Be a Liberal
Contributor and columnist for Americanthinker.comBreitbart.com 
Speaker at Tea Party and other political events
Former ghost writer for a major conservative personality


The obsession with the gang of eight's immigration reform bill, including outlandish comments from Senator Lindsay Graham over the weekend, demonstrate "the establishment's reality problem" says C. Edmund Wright, author of WTF? How Karl Rove and the Establishment Lost…Again.

"Graham, Rubio and some in the House, like Speaker Boehner, live in this zany world of Washington and talk to zany people like failed campaign consultants" said Wright, adding "they simply have no ability to understand what is going on outside of their bubble. Inside that bubble is the conventional wisdom that Hispanics hate Republicans because of the party's stance on immigration, and that this is why Mitt Romney lost. They view everything through that prism."

Wright went on to say that this "prism is really a prison, and inside that facts and common sense are not allowed. The math is clear that problems with the white vote, not the Hispanic vote, are why Mitt lost. The math is clear that more Hispanics vote on government give aways than on immigration. The math is clear that signing this immigration reform bill will only make both of those problems worse for Republicans, not to mention for the country, going forward….and yet…clarity like this never penetrates the bubble."

In his book, Wright calls immigration reform "the third rail of the Republican party" saying that so much energy is wasted on hypotheticals that will never happen that "it's just plain silly, not to mention destructive. Nothing matters until the border is secure, and yet, we are tied up in knots about this or that deportation program, etc, and we take our eye off the ball. You cannot perform surgery, let alone heal, until the bleeding is stopped. The border is the bleeding, and it's absurd to worry about down the road until that is handled."

"Besides, the border is the one thing all Republicans agree on" insists Wright. "And it's the only clear cut issue, and allows us message coherence on this one point, and it's the correct point to emphasize to boot. And just who the hell are congressmen, who allow and encourage billions of dollars of welfare consumption on the part of illegals to go on daily - to blame business owners - many who are struggling -  for this problem. Its ridiculous to hold businesses to a higher standard of using e-verify than the government holds itself, but even more absurd to worry about such things until the border is handled."

Wright's book has caused a stir among establishment figures, including Rove, who confronted Wright recently and made a point to tell him that the book is "a poorly researched piece of trash."  

"I think that means I'm over the target" said Wright."  The establishment in Washington is so isolated from reality, and they get kind of upset when reality intrudes on their little fifedom.  Nothing demonstrates that like the issue of immigration."

C. Edmund Wright’s written works have been called "very funny " and "so much brilliance" by Rush Limbaugh. He was recently called "the best guest talk radio has to offer" by icon Barry Farber, and "so much FUN on the air" by host Vicki McKenna. Wright is an engaging and versatile interview on camera or microphone - able to navigate any issue comfortably on his feet. 

C. Edmund Wright is an accomplished national columnist and coveted natural speaker whose business experiences and ability to connect the dots resonates with readers and conference goers alike.  Wright has given keynote speeches and single handedly moderated a Presidential debate.
His experiences in business, polling, and political communications gives him peerless insight into the issues of the day. Wright has owned numerous businesses over the past couple of decades and was communications director for the 92 NC Bush Quayle Campaign — where he found out how frustrating it can be for a true conservative working for political moderates.
His work with the liberal elites of SC in a polling and focus group gives him inside experience dealing with the liberal mindset. 
In addition to his writing for American Thinker (www.AmericanThinker.com), Wright spent nearly three years as one of the very rare ghost writers for a major (and I do mean major) radio talk show host. Mixing a ton of real world experience with an astounding ability to use analogy and stories to tie up seemingly loose ends, Wright mixes in the right amount of a sharp wit into his talks and his articles to magnify impact.
When not writing or speaking, Wright lives with his wife Jennings and his three children in Raleigh, NC (ok, one child is grown and another is in college) and tends to a number of business interests.  

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